Busy Fun Weekend Recap, Part 1

October 24, 2011 at 11:35 am

Today I am staying home and catching up on things…like the laundry and the blog. I did walk the boys to school this morning and I have a couple of errands to run before picking them up from school, but otherwise it’s an at-home kind of day.

We had such an awesome jam-packed weekend. I want to get it all on the blog for posterity’s sake, so here goes, starting with Friday night.

Soccer, of course. Mack’s game is always first, so Cal and I were spectating.



As usual, Cal was really into the action. The action of his book, that is.

The highlight of soccer…snack time.

By the time Cal’s game rolls around it is almost too dark to take photos. Coach Chad did a great job (with the help of Coach Joe) and Cal’s team had another really exciting game.

When we got home I took a few night-time photos of our Halloween lights.



Saturday morning I got up super early to do my best on a twelve-mile run.

I know that I said I might skip it because of my sore calf, but I knew I wouldn’t know how it felt unless I tried, so I got up and just went. I could feel the strain in my calf, but it wasn’t exactly painful, so I just kept my pace very slow and was careful about every footfall. This is at the first water stop, around 1.1 miles, on the St. Raphael’s bridge.

I had to sort of modify my gait to be mindful of my calf, shortening my strides and heel-striking. I could tell that I was using my legs differently than I normally would, but I felt pretty good. This is at the next water stop, close to three miles, on the Coffee Pot Bayou bridge.

At four miles I was thinking, “Crap, I’m only 1/3 of the way done!” This is at the next water stop, around 4.5 miles, just before sunrise at Vinoy Park with The Pier in the background.

Totally different mindset by mile 6 when I was passing all my IRunMommies on The Pier and was thinking, “Yay! I’m half-way done! I got this!” Sunrise over Albert Whitted Airport, around mile 6.5 or so…



Did you know that this was the location of the world’s first regularly scheduled commercial airline?

In front of The Dali Museum, where I turned around to head back towards home…

Coming back by Vinoy Park things were really crowded and festive because today was the Pink Bra run to benefit breast cancer research.



Even though I wasn’t doing the Pink Bra Run, I realized that I did have on a pink bra just by coincidence.

I completed the twelve miles, but my legs were so dead by the end. After the 10.2 mile water stop (I walked .2 miles at each water stop that was written on my hand, which are the official water stops for The Women’s Half Marathon that I will be running in November) it was almost impossible to make my legs run. Usually I struggle much more with the breathing and cardio aspects of running than I do with my legs. However, since I was being so mindful of my calf and using my legs slightly differently than normal, I think it really was fatiguing my leg muscles in a new way. From mile 10.5-mile 11 I was totally shuffling and lurching and the last mile was much more walking than running. The stats will be on my “Still Running” page eventually, but I was super slow over all, with an average pace over 14.5 minutes/mile. I don’t care. I am really proud of myself for not skipping this long run even though I had been considering doing so. It was a beautiful morning to be out running.

Just after I got home from running, Chad and the boys left to attend the St. Pete Times Festival of Reading. We have attended this festival for many years (this was the 19th annual). Chad forgot to take any pictures (bad blogger husband), but they got all these books there for just $11.47!

While they were gone I ate breakfast then drove to the gym for Bodyflow.

My legs were super tired, but the main reason I didn’t bike to the gym was that we had big plans for the afternoon and I needed to get home as quickly as possible after Bodyflow. I didn’t even stay for relaxation, my favorite part (which is just lying on the floor and meditating for eight minutes). I also didn’t get to do an ice bath on Saturday because of our busy day, and I think I probably really could have used one. Oh well.

The boys got home from the Reading Festival at about the same time that I got home from the gym. They ate a quick lunch and I packed a salad to eat in the car. We were off to Hunsader Farms Pumpkin Festival in Bradenton! Over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge we went.

Fifty minutes later we were there.

This was our first time going to this particular pumpkin festival and we didn’t realize what a huge operation it is. I think I got a couple of extra miles in just walking from and back to the parking lot. It was packed.

They had tons of activities.

The Hunsader Farms circus was just about to begin when we got there, so that was our first stop.

While we waited for the show to start, Chad got Italian ices for himself and the boys.


I think the little circus was actually really well done and entertaining. The most impressive act, to me, was the trapeze artist…she did some amazing tricks all without a net!
hunsader circus reduced-1

Next up was the corn maze.



We paused in the middle of the maze to watch a pumpkin being launched (you can see the pumpkin flying in the upper right-hand corner of this picture:

After we completed the maze, we walked over to the vendor area, which was really large.

The boys got beef jerky.

I bought some canned pickled okra and a jar of pepper jelly. This lady was so sweet.

The boys also got wooden hatchets because there was a real lack of hatchets in our wooden weapons arsenal.

I also bought a big bag of produce at their farmer’s market. On our way out of the farm and back to the immense parking field, we got to see this guy doing motorcycle stunts…

We had a great time at Hunsader Farms. Next time we’ll try to allot more than just a couple of hours to the experience.

When we got home the boys opened a Halloween box from Chad’s Aunt Kathie (who is so awesome to always send boxes to the boys for holidays…again, we are so spoiled by our wonderful and unfortunately long-distance family).

We couldn’t stay at the farm much later because I had fun adult plans for the evening…a Secret Society meeting! Stay tuned for the Busy Fun Weekend Recap, Part 2!