Life goes on

November 22, 2011 at 3:47 pm

Apparently running a half marathon did not dramatically alter the course of events in my life. I did lay around all day yesterday in my pajamas and do nothing. I didn’t even take any photos of myself doing nothing. Luckily, I had plenty of photos from the half to keep me occupied. Here are a few more from Sunday…the IRunMommies after party.

Lots of food…



Lots of kids…



Lots of happy, tired mommies…





and a little bit of football.

Thanks for hosting us Katie! It was the perfect relaxing way to end an amazing day.

Did you notice that I’m the only one in the group who still had their medal around their neck? I think I wore it all day. Even in the ice bath that I took right after the race, before the after-party.

And here are the last photos from Sunday, I promise. These are the photos taken by the race photographers…the good, the bad and the ugly. For the third time now on the blog…drumroll…

Caroline runs a half-marathon!
The Sweatiest Skirt in St. Pete!

official race photos-1

official race photos-2

official race photos-3

official race photos-4

official race photos-5

official race photos-6

official race photos-7

official race photos-8

official race photos-9

official race photos-10

I’m pretty sure that really unflattering one was when I was crying my eyes out right before the finish line. Notice that the official race photographers did NOT get a shot of me running across the finish line with my arms held up, despite the fact that I think I ran that way for a tenth of a mile. Good thing Chad got eighteen shots of it.

So while my whole world has obviously revolved around this race for the past week, the rest of the world just went on with their business. They finished working on the hole in the road. The hole in the road is no longer a hole.

There is, however, a hole in my yard now.


The boys are out of school for the whole week for Thanksgiving break, so all three of us went to the gym this morning. First bit of exercise after the race. Everything hurt on Sunday and my quads were really sore yesterday, but today they are only mildly sore.

I did 30 minutes on the elliptical.

Bodyflow, which felt great.

The instructor for Bodyflow today, Susan, also ran the half marathon on Sunday. She and I spent a few minutes of finisher giddiness before class talking about our race experiences. I think there was a high-five involved to express our mutual admiration. This was also her first half marathon and she is also a mom. Yay Susan!

I can work the half marathon into anything, can’t I?

This afternoon the boys have karate and I am going out tonight with the IRunMommies. Tuesday night is usually one of our group runs but tonight we are going to Red Mesa Cantina (which is awesome, Chad I went there once before) to celebrate instead. Then it’s back to training on Saturday for the Rock ‘n’ Roll half in February. At least no more double-digit runs for a while!