St. Pete Beach Classic 10K recap

January 14, 2012 at 8:53 pm

One weekend…two races! Tomorrow I am doing a 1 mile fun run called Wrucha’s Run with my friend Kathy and our four boys. But first things first…

This morning I ran the St. Pete Beach Classic 10K and it was cold, but awesome. It was in the mid 40’s, which may not seem that frigid to northerners, but it is pretty arctic to us Floridians. Strange but true…45 degrees in Kentucky does not feel as cold as 45 degrees in Florida. I’ve run in both so I am the expert.

The St. Pete Beach Classic included a 5K and 10K today and a half marathon tomorrow. The 5K started at 7:30 and the 10K at 8:30. I was only doing the 10K, but wanted to arrive early to avoid parking problems and to have plenty of time to relax before the race. My friend and fellow IRunMommy Ali was able to get the Sirata Beach Resort, which hosted the event, to comp us a hotel room. She is a hotel consultant and obviously has great connections. Thanks Ali and the Sirata!

This is Ali and me and Dawn (who is amazing and was doing the 5K + 10K duo) right before Dawn left for the 5K.

Seems like she was gone about a minute, then she was back. She placed second in the 5K for her age division! Told you she was amazing. While she was running a few more IRunMommies, (Jennifer, Amy and Amy) showed up at our hospitality suite. This is all of us right as we were leaving for the 10K start.

Trying to keep warm before the start:


I told Ali that I was sticking with her for the race. I knew we were similarly paced and I needed someone to keep me going, since my running has been pretty spotty the past two weeks.

This was our course today…so great to run in St. Pete Beach!
garmin run map jan 14

Around mile 1 Ali said that she wanted to try to get to mile 3 before doing any walking. I said okay, but around mile 2 I was feeling kind of pukey and told her I didn’t know if I could do it but I would try. The pukiness passed and we kept going.

We blew through the 5K split marker (which for some reason they didn’t post with the official results) and decided we were able to keep running. Coming up on mile 4 Ali was struggling and said she was going to run to a line of palm trees ahead and then walk. I said okay. But as we approached those palm trees we could see the mile 4 marker, so she decided she could keep running until then. We blew through that marker and kept going.

We were both kind of in the zone at this point and discussed how great we would feel if we managed to do the whole thing with no walking. We just kept going, only slightly mollified by the lady who was speed-walking faster than we were running (go her!). By mile 5 I knew I was going to run the whole thing or fall in the street trying.

We did it. We both ran the whole thing with no walking!

I haven’t done that distance with no walking since December 3rd when I ran seven with no walking with Amy, Amy and Diana. I was really happy and Ali and I were very proud of ourselves.

I realized that arms-up finisher photos are kind of gross with long sleeves and pit stains.

This is Mark, Ali’s boyfriend who also ran the 10K, and Ali. Thanks for taking our group photos Mark!

I don’t know what is wrong with me in that picture, but there is definitely something wrong with me.

Super speedy Dawn placed 5th in the 10K for her age division (after having just ran the 5K)! Everybody had a great race and we were all so happy at the finish line.

This race was very well organized and the volunteers were great. The food in the finisher’s tent was really plentiful and they had a huge variety of things.

They even had beer (in addition to the spectator who was graciously handing out Budweiser’s on the course) and ice cream, although everyone was sweaty and freezing by this point so I didn’t see many people eating ice cream. I did see plenty of people drinking beer, however.

I caught up with my friend Callie (also an IRunMommy) at the after-party. She rocked the 10K and so did her dad!

There are a couple of IRunMommies who also ran today whom I didn’t get a picture of, like Katie. This is me and Katie and Callie after an 8-miler about a month ago. It was great seeing you out there today Katie!

We hung out at the after-party for a while waiting for results, because we were pretty sure Dawn had placed.

Not only did she get 2nd in the 5K and 5th in the 10K, she placed first in the 5K+10K duo for her age group! I am so proud of you Dawn!

So how did I do? Officially I ended up 271st out of 323 in my age division with a time of 1:12:58 and an average pace of 11:45.

official results

Here is what my Garmin said:
garmin run jan 14

I am really happy with this, considering the crappy training lately. This was a great race that I would definitely do again. More running tomorrow!