Superbowl Sunday Prep

February 5, 2012 at 4:49 pm

This morning the boys and I went to Einstein Bros. for breakfast…


then headed to the gym. First I did 60 minutes on the elliptical and read blogs the entire time.


The Sunday morning news shows have just not been interesting me lately. Once the Republican primaries are over I won’t be able to get enough. I totally view politics as theater and entertainment and, other than all the political advertising, I love it.

It’s been so long since I did a whole hour on the elliptical that I forgot that I have to pause it at 59:59 to take a picture, otherwise it goes into “cool down” mode at an hour.


You can see that it thinks I burned 615 calories.


I seriously doubt it. I do enter my age and weight, but I just don’t believe that I burn as many calories on the elliptical in an hour as I do running for an hour. Running for an hour just requires so much more effort. Whatever. Anyone who believes the calorie burn estimates on gym equipment is fooling herself.

Next up was Bodypump.


I wore the Rock ‘n’ Roll half t-shirt that I got at the race kick-off party back in November.


It’s just one week from today!

My triceps are so sore today (and were yesterday). I guess I overdid it at Bodypump on Friday without realizing it. It felt good to work them out today. I have read many opposing opinions about working out when sore, but I know from personal experience that exercising the sore muscles as much as possible definitely makes me feel better. I mean, if I’m so sore that I have limited range of movement, then I would consider working out not possible, but otherwise, I agree with this opinion: “Light activity stimulates blood flow through the muscles, which removes waste products to help in the repair process,” says David Docherty, Ph.D., a professor of exercise science at the University of Victoria in Canada. Just a random quote I found when Googling the thousands of opinions out there on the subject.

Once home from the gym I got to work on the finishing touches before our Superbowl party, like washing the boys’ sheets to de-Chewify them as much as possible. Some of our friends have allergies and they know that our house is pretty much covered in dog hair. I’m glad they want to come anyway! Also I’m dusting, cleaning the leather sofa (Cal’s spot is particularly dirty) and vacuuming.

And this is happening:


I was busy and didn’t want to be bothered, but Cal said, “Mom, come take a picture! I’ll let you put it on the blog!” That is a very rare thing these days, so I had to comply.

My friend Callie, The Wannabe Athlete, published a great post today about How to Avoid Sabotaging your Diet on Super Bowl Sunday. I, however, plan to sabotage.

Chad made Chicken Fiesta Chili, from Joy Bauer’s Slim & Scrumptious cookbook.


This is awesome, and diet-friendly. We will have a veggie tray as a nod to healthy eating.

But then I made some chocolate cupcakes and decorated them ala an idea from Pinterest.


They looked pretty good last night when they were freshly decorated, but overnight in the Tupperware the chocolate and vanilla icing sort of ran together. They still kind of look like footballs, right? I’m sure they will still taste good. Definite diet sabotage.

Then there will be this…


We also have chips and dip and salsa. Our friends are bringing wings and deviled eggs and cookies. So yeah, sabotaging will begin shortly. Can’t wait.

I couldn’t care less about the Patriots or the Giants or the NFL at all. But I’m excited to be hanging out with our besties tonight. Hope you have a fun night too! Fill you in on ours tomorrow. Gotta go put out the chips.