School, running and steak

February 9, 2012 at 9:48 pm

We did not walk to school this morning. I just really needed to hit the snooze button two extra times. I usually don’t hit the snooze at all (it’s a slippery slope) and don’t have much trouble getting out of bed, but for some reason I have felt super tired all week. I think it’s hormonal, if you know what I mean. So anyway, I drove the boys to school then came home and commenced freaking out.

Today was the day that we were going to find out if Cal had been invited to the magnet school of our choice for middle school. You could apply to up to five magnet/fundamental programs, but we only applied to one…The Center for Gifted Studies at Thurgood Marshall Fundamental Middle School. Our second choice was Meadowlawn Middle School, which is our zoned school and does not require an application until after the whole magnet/fundamental application period is over. So as soon as I got home, I tried to log into the Pinellas County School Board “Portal” system and find out if Cal had gotten in. My log-in would not work! Fail. Fail. Fail. Then I started getting texts from friends saying they had found out, and had I? Grrrrr. I got completely locked out of the system for attempting too many failed log-ins.

So I hurriedly showered and dressed and headed to the boys’ school to get some help from the administration there. It was also my regular volunteer day.

Luckily, they were super nice and helpful as always, got my password reset, and I was able to log in on a computer in the school office. Cal did get invited to the school that was our first choice!

thurgood acceptance

Big sigh of relief. On to the volunteer portion of the day.

First up was fifth grade math, specifically helping some kids with determining the area of a trapezoid.


You do know how to determine the area of a trapezoid don’t you? I’m now an expert at it.


After this year, I should definitely try out for “Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader”. Is that show still on?

Next up was second grade.


At one point I had to walk to the teachers’ supply room to get some bulletin board paper, so I took the obligatory bathroom photo in the office bathroom.


They really go all-out in decorating this bathroom for every holiday.


Back in the classroom, in addition to my usual homework packets and sorting of weekly work into the green take-home folders, I also got to do some crafty work.


This is actually my favorite kind of stuff to do when I am volunteering. Makes me miss scrapbooking.


After helping out, I had lunch in the amphitheater with Mack.


Chobani Champions vanilla chocolate chunk love.


I actually ate my breakfast while Mack ate his lunch. In my haste to get to school to resolve the whole “Portal” situation, I didn’t waste a second eating breakfast. By 11:30 my stomach was pretty much eating itself. Luckily, I had a jar of peanut butter in my purse.


In reality it was “oats in a jar” that I had prepped the night before. This makes a great portable breakfast.


It was a really nice day. Kind of overcast and temps right around 70. Mack ran around the small amphitheater while he ate his lunch.


After breakfast/lunch we stopped by Mrs. P’s room (Mack’s first grade teacher from last year) to say hello, and she put me to work hanging stars since she’s vertically challenged.


After his lunch period Mack went back to class and I went home for about an hour. I ate lunch even though I had just eaten breakfast. My eating just has not been nice and balanced like I want it to be. Life seems to be conspiring against it. I ate bagel chips with salsa for “lunch”. Salsa counts as a vegetable, right?

Then it was back to school for more fifth grade math. This time it was FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test) review quizzes for a few kids.



After school we all headed home for homework, snacks and reading. Then we were off to karate, stopping by the post office and Target (to buy Valentines) on the way. While the boys were in karate I went for a four mile run. This was my LAST run before the half marathon on Sunday and it was great.


I think I was amped for it, knowing it was my last training run, and it felt sort of effortless. Well, as effortless as running ever feels, which is sort of like as effortless as cleaning a bathtub or changing a flat tire. Still, this one was good. No walking, and a great pace for me.


My friend Maggie wrote a great blog post today called “Hate-Running”. Man, I love you Maggie!

After I finished my run (and changed my shirt, although otherwise I was still disgustingly sweaty) and the boys finished karate we headed to a restaurant to meet Chad. This is highly unusual. Like, it’s never happened before that I can remember. We are just not “eat out at a restaurant in the middle of the week” kind of people. We really don’t eat out much at all other than for special occasions, not counting our weekly Tour de Pizza, which is actually eaten in, just taken out. What’s even more unusual is the restaurant we were headed to…


I wouldn’t call us Longhorn Steakhouse kind of people, generally. But we were there by a special invitation, which is pretty exciting.


I’m going to fill you in on all that tomorrow. It will include a review of the food and some giveaways!


So be sure to check back in tomorrow! G’night.