RnR St. Pete Expo

February 11, 2012 at 2:36 pm

This morning I managed to sleep in until 8 a.m.! I was sure that I would wake up at 5 a.m. on my own, which I did, but with the aid of an eye mask and ear plugs I was able to go back to sleep for three more hours. I’m so glad, since I’m sure tonight I’ll have those pre-race jitters and have trouble falling asleep. My only plan for today was Bodyflow…


and running by Bealls Outlet to look for some shirts to decorate for mine and Kathy’s boys for their Turtle Hurdle race next weekend. They are a team of four in this mud run obstacle course for kids and they have chosen the name “Dirty Dudes” for their team. Check out their course:

turtle hurdle map

They are getting excited about that, but of course all I can think about right now is the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, especially after the expo yesterday. I didn’t get a chance to blog about yesterday because I wrote up the review of LongHorn Steakhouse’s “Flavorful Under 500” menu, and apparently one blog post per day is about all I can manage. Be sure to check that out and leave a comment there if you would like a chance to win a gift card!

So backing up to yesterday…

Chewie and I walked the boys to school.


There was a bunch of drama on the way to school, which you might have seen me vent about slightly on the “My Fascinating Life – Caroline Calcote” Facebook page, but at least there was a pretty sunrise.


After I got home I ate breakfast, forgot about the drama, and headed to the gym on my bike.


The plan was to bike to the expo for the RnR half marathon straight from the gym, and I decided that I wanted to wear the same clothes that I wore to the expo for the Women’s Half Marathon.

running mag twitter

I guess I have expo traditions now. So I wore my green IRunMommies skirt.


Yes, you can ride a bike in a short skirt, especially if it has cool bloomers underneath.


I also wore my running necklace, even though I generally do not wear jewelry to the gym. I figured it was okay to sweat on this necklace. Maybe even required.


I know I was a total dork yesterday at the expo, and the photos below show me getting progressively more crazy-eyed…I just have that pre-race mania going.


Warning: this post contains even more photos of me than usual.

Bodypump in a skirt.


This skirt is actually part of the old IRunMommies uniform, and I got one of the surplus ones. It is defective…


That crease is permanent…it’s like the skirt is melted onto itself right there or something. IRunMommies headquarters gave me a discount on it, so I kept it and wear it anyway. Who cares? I’m pretty sure no one has ever noticed.

After Bodypump I got back on my bike and headed towards downtown. As I was approaching the Coffee Pot Bayou bridge I noticed this sign, which I think ratcheted up my mania…



I met my friend and fellow IRunMommy Donna at the bridge…


and we biked the rest of the way downtown together. They were setting up for the post-race festivities and concert (Flo-Rida) in North Shore Park!


Donna and I biked all along the waterfront…


then turned onto the Pinellas Trail at Demen’s Landing and headed right to Tropicana Field where the expo was being held and where the race starts tomorrow.



Right when we arrived we ran into Amy, another IRunMommies teammate. Some stranger offered to take our picture.


I think expos are so exciting.




In the packet pick-up line we ran into Tanya


and got our packets…


and swag bags and t-shirts…


I got a women’s cut XL, and it is too small. They wouldn’t let me exchange it for a unisex size, but said I can exchange it on race day after the race. We’ll see. I’m so sick of race t-shirts that I can’t wear! There is no uniformity in sizing. The Women’s Half Marathon women’s cut XL fits me fine. I actually like this t-shirt (I like white workout clothes, plus it  has The Pier on it!), so I do think I’ll try to exchange it.

Tanya, Donna and I headed on into the expo.


Skirt Sports, the makers of our IRunMommies uniforms, was there.


We ran into more IRunMommies (we are everywhere), Rasa and Cheryl…


Callie (and my crazy eyes are out of control here)…


and Dawn…


Note to self: you DO NOT have to be in every picture! Geez.

There were many other IRunMommies there that I didn’t get a photo of, but I loved seeing everyone. The camaraderie is so awesome.

I didn’t buy anything, but by this time it was after 1:00 p.m. and we were starving, so Kathy, Donna and I went to Ferg’s next to the stadium to get some lunch. This was only possible because Tanya agreed to pick my kids up from school…thank you SO MUCH Tanya!

No flash at Ferg’s:


With the flash at Ferg’s:


Originally I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich, but after hearing Kathy and Donna order burgers, I changed my mind. It was burgers all around, and they were awesome.


After lunch Donna and I biked home. By this time it was really warm out, but the breeze on a bike always feels good.


Thank you for biking with me Donna! It was much more fun to have a buddy. In all I biked over fifteen miles yesterday, and at least 10 of those were with Donna.

So I guess I’m as ready as I’m going to be.


Well, at least I will be once I finalize my wardrobe choices. It’s supposed to be pretty chilly in the morning!


It’s going to be awesome and I’m super excited! Can you tell? Wish me luck.

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