Rock ‘n’ Roll St. Pete Half Marathon in Pictures

February 12, 2012 at 3:23 pm

I had another great experience today with my second half marathon! Just like with my first, the Women’s Half Marathon, I have way too many thoughts and way too many pictures to share in just one post. I’m thinking there will be three total, just like before. Plus, I’m totally beat and just want to go lay on the couch and fondle my beautiful medal.


I love, love, love this medal because it features The Pier, which will soon be torn down to build a new pier with a completely different design (unless the protestors can stop it…personally, I’m all for progress and think the current frontrunner for the new design is cool, but I will always be nostalgic for this version of the pier).

I know that I improved my time for this half by about six or seven minutes over my last, and I have a ton I want to say about the experience, but I’ll save all that for tomorrow or the next day.

For now, here is a sampling of my photos from today, plus a few words because I can’t help myself.

6:00 a.m. at Ferg’s, the bar/restaurant next to Tropicana Field, where Kathy, Carlise and I enjoyed the warmth and the bathrooms for a few minutes before heading down to the gear check area to meet our team, the IRunMommies.

A few group shots while we all froze our butts off before the start.


Most of our team wore the memorial bib for Sherry.

Me with Katie and Callie and Kathy and Tanya. Must work on controlling crazy eyes.


Who are these masked bandits?

They are my friends Nikki and Ali, and here we all are in the corrals before the start.


And then it was run, run, run, run, run some more.

The end of The Pier was the 9 mile marker.

Go, Kathy, go! You can see it was a beautiful day, but it was very windy and cold! Coldest day of the year here so far.

I passed Chad and the boys just before the mile 10 marker, near North Shore Pool.

My friend Katie and I ran the last couple of miles together, urging each other on. We were both in full-body pain by this point, but still managed smiles.


Coming into the finish…

Those pink arms in the air in the center of the photo are mine!

Katie and I were so happy to be DONE.

So grateful to meet up with my family and get a big sweatshirt to put on…COLD!!!

Way to go Kathy on completing your first half!!!

Flo-Rida was rocking the after-party.

Go IRunMommies! Lots of PRs today. Everyone was running as fast as they could because it was so freaking cold.


Okay, that’s it for today. Must go get horizontal, stat. It’s been a good day.

Edited: Hey! I wrote more (much more) about this race. If you want to check it out…

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