The good, the bad, and the ugly: my RnR St. Pete Half official race photos

February 15, 2012 at 6:36 pm

I’m sure you are sick of my photos and blathering about the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half, but I’m not and it’s my blog, so too bad.

I dipped into the boys’ college fund to purchase my digital images from the race. Hey, I believe The Race is the Reward, as Callie so aptly put it on her blog today, and for me that includes the race photos. Also, I’m just not comfortable snagging the images without paying for them. In addition to the photos that were identified as being me, I looked through over 11,000 images (super quickly, and luckily all I had to do was scan for neon pink and green) and think I found almost all of my “unidentified” images (the ones where your race number is obscured and the robots can’t ID you). Since they cost so much I want to get my money’s worth so I’m going to put every single one of them on the blog, regardless of how bad they are.

But let’s start with the good. These are the ones I like.

I love this one from before the race because I’m with my posse. We were freezing and we all had to pee (we were on our way to the port-a-potties). But we were excited and ready to go.


I like arms-up photos.


Yes, I realize that the image above and below are almost identical and were only taken one second apart. However, they each cost approximately the same as a happy meal, so I’m posting both of them.


I like these of Katie and me together.


We were urging each other on during that last mile and a half.


This next one I like because I am so happy…the finish line is just in front of me.


How can you not like photos where you are crossing the finish line?




This one is just half of me, but again, happy meal.


Obviously I love all these because I have a big gorgeous medal hanging around my neck.




Now for the bad.

I don’t like all of these because it looks like I’m walking, but I SWEAR I was running.


If I were walking I wouldn’t have been holding my arms like that.


If I were walking my arms would have been down by my sides like the ladies behind me who were walking just as fast as I was “running”.


Were they gaining on me?


I would have put this next one in the “ugly” category, but I like the fact that it really looks like I’m running and that I have a game-face on.


I put all of the rest in the “ugly” category, mainly because of my sloshing belly. The belly slosh can be saved by the look of apparent effort, or by a pretty friend like Katie, but otherwise…no.




This next one also has the stank face, even though the belly slosh is only moderate.


So there you have it. Truth be told, I love them all, even the stank face belly sloshing ones. I remember what all of those foot-falls felt like, as well as the millions that came before to get me to that point. The race is the reward and the race photos are the icing on the cake.

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