Happy Presidents Day

February 20, 2012 at 5:00 pm

In celebration of Presidents Day I will be Tivo’ing this tonight on PBS’s American Experience:


The comments on this clip on YouTube are awesome.

I love the Clintons. Make of that what you will. Sorry Dad.

How adorable is 17 year old Bill Clinton meeting JFK?

clinton and JFK


This morning the boys talked me out of walking to school. They said their legs were sore from running the Belleair Sunset 5K followed by the Tough Turtle Hurdle mud run. I caved and we drove to school.

I normally take Mondays as a rest day, but I had a total rest day yesterday, so I decided to bike to the gym. I wore my beautiful long-sleeved Belleair Sunset 5K tech tee. This shirt is so comfy!


It was a gorgeous morning but just a bit chilly so also wore gloves on my bike ride to the gym. I didn’t need the gloves on the way home.


I had a few minutes before my class to kill so I did twelve minutes on the elliptical.


I was going to do fifteen, but then I noticed people already entering the group fitness room so I quit. I’m not used to the Monday gym routine. I guess there is not a class right before Bodypump on Mondays. The room fills up fast.


Then I biked home, showered, ate lunch, and hung out with Chad who is technically off work today but is actually working from home. Then it was time to go pick up the boys from school, otherwise known as the end of the peace and quiet portion of the day. We didn’t really do anything this afternoon other than the usual… homework/snacks/reading/laundry/dishes/JoeyZhangout. I did decide that we were having some major horizontal surfaces issues that needed to be dealt with. Such as…

My desk. Yes, it’s under there somewhere.


The sofa table a/k/a the landing strip for when everyone first walks in the front door.


The kitchen counter complete with two vases full of dead flowers.


I was worried that there were probably some important papers that needed to be dealt with in all those piles, so my mission for the day was to get those areas under control.

Before I could take care of anything else on my desk, I had to deal with red bird.


He had been sitting on my desk ever since the Superbowl party, when his top feathers were used as a handle so that the rest of him could be used as a weapon amongst the gaggle of children we had running around our house. He had sprung a leak and was pooping (from his head) tiny styrofoam balls all over the place. I sewed him up while I watched Bethany on the Today Show this morning before going to the gym.



I don’t think he was too happy about it.


With red bird repaired I was able to tackle the desk and the rest of the horizontal surfaces this afternoon.




Now they are all ready to be covered up again. In fact, since I took those pictures about an hour ago they are all somewhat cluttered once more. Oh well. I did find some bills (none overdue) and school papers that needed to be dealt with, so it was worth it. Also, I found the LongHorn Steakhouse gift cards that I was supposed to give away!


In the interest of clearing some clutter, I printed out the comments, folded them up, put them all in a bowl, and had Mack draw the winners. I even made a little video of the drawing.

Congratulations to Jeannie, Tanya and Elleen! You should all have received e-mails from me and I’ll get your gift cards out to you as soon as possible. Thank you to LongHorn Steakhouse for providing the gift cards!

Now I’m off to heat up leftovers from last night’s dinner (which Chad made…it was sort of a broccoli/ground turkey/hash browns au gratin sort of thing…pretty good) for the boys. Cya.