Inside my head on a 5 mile run

February 21, 2012 at 4:52 pm

This morning we walked to school. It was a bit chilly, but Cal still wore short sleeves and no jacket. I had on a t-shirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants and a coat over everything. Cal is crazy.

Pretty sunrise (not my house).


Not as pretty as my friend Amy’s view from her back yard (stolen from Facebook).

amy sunrise

Still, this is part of my view on the walk to and from school every day. Not bad.


I was really dragging this morning. Despite a cup of coffee before we left to walk to school, on the way home I felt so sluggish and the thought of crawling back into bed did enter my mind. But I knew that I had to run this morning and I was hoping that the five miles I had planned would wake me up.

As I was getting dressed and ready to run I realized that my cell phone was completely dead. I guess I forgot to plug it in last night. All my music is on my phone, so I was really bummed. I’ve only very rarely ran without music or a podcast to listen to (literally maybe only two or three times in the year and a half since I started running) so that was pretty demotivating. I was determined to go anyway, but I knew that it meant I would just be inside my own head the entire time. Would you also like to be inside my head for a five mile run? No? Too bad.

7:45 a.m. – putting on my shoes. It’s pretty chilly this morning. Maybe I will have a good run, despite feeling like I could go back to sleep right this minute. Maybe I will try and run the whole five miles without walking. Suncoast Classic 10K coming up on Saturday and I really want to run the whole thing.

7:55 – walking out the door. I really feel like I’m forgetting something since I have no phone and no ear buds. I start every run with Kid Rock’s Bawitdaba. Missing my homies at the methadone clinic.

7:56 – start running. Feel okay. Logically, I know I can run five miles. I’ve done it so many times.

8:07 – one mile done. Four more miles seems like a marathon before me. Maybe I’ll just stop at the St. Raphael’s bridge and walk for .10 miles. Running is hard. Okay, ran up the bridge, that was the hard part. Might as well keep running now. At least it is down hill for about 20 paces. Snap a picture while on the run.


8:12 – a mile and a half. This sucks. Why do I do this? I will not look at my Garmin. I will not check my pace. Just try to go as fast as I can. Dodge sprinklers. People with sprinklers SUCK. Dodge trash cans. People with trash cans in the bike lane SUCK.

8:19 – my Garmin just chimed at two miles. Maybe I will stop at my turn-around point and walk a bit and drink water. What difference does it make if I walk a little or not? Why is running so damn hard? How many more footfalls before I’m done? Can’t think about that now.

8:25 – just turned around past the median in front of the Vinoy Country Club. So much traffic in Snell Isle this time of morning. All the private school kids heading to school. Should I take a break and walk and drink water? Will a few brief seconds of relief really make any difference considering I still have to run two and a half more miles? Might as well trudge on. This sucks. Why do I do this? How annoyed would Chad be if I just forfeited the hundreds of dollars I’ve spent registering for half a dozen more races throughout the rest of the year?

8:31 – three miles. Click. The magic just happened. All of a sudden my perceived effort is less. Second wind. This isn’t so bad. Must always remember that from mile one to mile three is the worst part. Wheeee. Running is fun! I got this! Just two more short miles!

8:37 – well, that didn’t last long. Second wind has vanished. Running sucks again. Here comes St. Raphael’s again. Must run up the bridge. Take some photos while on the run to distract myself by how much running sucks.


Fake a smile while sucking wind at the top of the bridge.


Yay for running downhill on the other side of the bridge!

8:43 – four miles. One more to go. This sucks, but I know I can do one more mile. Try to pick up the pace a little. No need to hold anything back now. Think I’ll go one more block up before I turn towards home just to avoid the 20 middle-schoolers I know are waiting for the bus on that other block. They don’t need to see my belly sloshing right now.

8:49 – Without meaning to, doing .05 mile fartleks, interchanged with .10 mile shuffles, trying to keep my pace up. I have avoided looking at my pace or total time for the whole run. Feel like maybe it was pretty fast (for me). Just keep going. Half a mile more. A quarter-mile more. Just keep going. Last tenth of a mile…put my head down and try to channel my friend Megan at the finish line of the Rock ‘n’ Roll half. Run as fast as I can, although I know in reality I still look like I’m shuffling.

8:56 – done! Stop Garmin. Five miles with no walking. Suck air and feel like I might puke. Walk to the corner of my block feeling pukey until I feel capable of drinking some water. Half a block from home and starting to feel better. Okay, I didn’t die. Avoid looking at Garmin until I’m in my driveway. Please be halfway decent, Garmin.


Eh, not bad. Not great. At least it was under an hour. Feel somewhat defeated knowing that practically everyone is faster than me. Everyone except all those people on the couch. That cheers me up.

9:00 – stretch out my hip flexors while going up the stairs to my house. Feeling much better. Thinking that was a good run. Feeling prepared for the 10K on Saturday. Genuine smile. I love running once I’m done running!


9:05 – Shoes and sweaty clothes removed. Sitting at my computer. Maybe I should go ahead and sign up for the St. Pete Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon 2013 and use that $10 off code I got for filling out the post-race survey. I bet the medal will be awesome. Running is wonderful!

garmin run feb 21

Okay, sorry you had to endure that. Let’s all hope I don’t have to run without music again for a long while.

After running I ate breakfast, put on my yoga clothes, and headed to the gym for Bodyflow.


It seemed really hard today. I was still feeling tired and sluggish, despite running.

After the gym I headed to Publix. Great parking karma!


Yes, I went to Publix after walking my kids to school, running five miles and doing yoga for an hour. I had quite a bit of dried sweat on my body and in my hair. My braid was pretty tattered by this point.


Of course I ran into my friend Dawn, looking as pretty and chipper as ever. I guess Northeastern St. Petersburgers are used to seeing me out and about in this state.

I was starving because my breakfast was pretty rushed and not substantial enough. I didn’t have time for eggbeaters so I just had a bowl of bran flakes with banana. Being starving at Publix is not a good thing. I bought sushi for lunch, since it would require no preparation and could be eaten within moments of getting home. I blame my friend Michelle for the Ghirardelli’s. She knows why.


After I got home and inhaled the sushi (while watching the PBS Clinton: American Experience show…sooo good), I took a shower and it was time to go pick the boys up from school.

Homework/snacks/goofing off/bickering/annoying Mom.

Time for karate.


So I’m sitting here in my car and finishing up this blog post while they are karate-ing.

Tonight I’m going out for “Celebrating with the Mommies, part 2”. Celebrating with the Mommies, part 1 was so much fun. Can’t wait!