Malaise Thursday

February 23, 2012 at 8:04 pm

I’m just not feeling it. I’ve felt tired all week. I’ve felt blah. I’ve got that, “this is all there is and nothing ever changes and now I need to blog about the same ole same ole” feeling. I mean, I really do think that my same ole same ole is pretty great. I love my life. I think I’m just tired. The kids are off school tomorrow so I’m going to sleep in until the late hour of 7 a.m. It perks me up a bit just to think of it.

These pictures of Chewie perk me up too.


That rope toy is what we call Chewie’s “baby”. He has about ten rope toys, but this is his special one. We bought it for him the day that we adopted him from the SPCA. He carries it all over the house from room to room, carefully placing it in one spot, walking away, coming back to pick it up and carefully place it in another spot. If it is closed in a room he will sit in front of the door to that room until somebody lets him in to retrieve it. He does not like to be physically separated from his baby.


He loves his baby. He loses his mind with happiness whenever anyone will actually play tug-of-war or fetch with him with the baby.

So yesterday after I realized that I had put my oats in a jar in the cabinet instead of the fridge over night, I made another batch and very purposely placed it in the fridge so I could have overnight oats for breakfast this morning.


Jules asked in the comments yesterday if I could explain my recipe for overnight oats in a jar. I don’t really have a recipe, but here is my method: put about one part oats to two parts liquid in a jar. I usually use a practically empty peanut butter jar because the remnants of peanut butter make the oatmeal awesome. We go through a lot of peanut butter in this house, with PB&J’s being a lunch box staple, so I quite frequently have a jar to use. Since I tragically had to throw that other jar away, I decided to just make them last night in a clean plastic container and add a tablespoon or so of peanut butter to the mix.

Usually I use rolled oats or old-fashioned oats, but I am out of those now so I used Coach’s Oats, which are a quick-cooking steel-cut variety. I have found that if you use quick-cooking oats they absorb the liquid better so you get a thicker oatmeal. I like it either way, so I’d say you can use whatever kind of oats you want. You have to experiment a little to figure out how to get the oats/liquid ratio the way you want it anyway, as everyone likes their oatmeal differently.


I used about a half cup of Coach’s Oats and about a cup of almond milk. You can also use whatever liquid you want…cow’s milk, almond or soy milk, even water. Then add whatever mix-ins you want. I used a small handful of raisins, a few unsweetened carob chips (which suck so I am trying to use them up in things like this where you can’t really taste them…carob chips taste like ass and are NOT a good substitute for chocolate chips…you could also just put some chocolate chips in there and I would recommend that over carob chips for sure), a small handful of shredded coconut and a teaspoon of chia seeds. I do like chia seeds for their texture. I also added a tablespoon of peanut butter. Then I mixed it all up and stuck it in the fridge over night.

This morning I stirred it up and added a half of a banana all cut up. It was yummy.


So that’s my overnight oats in a jar method. Some people like to make it in a glass jar so they can pop it in the microwave to heat it up. I like it cold, though, so plastic is fine for me. There is really nothing special about overnight oats in a jar other than the fact that you don’t have to cook it and it’s just there and ready for you in the morning. Also it’s a good way to get every last tiny bit of peanut butter out of the jar, which I most definitely do. I like to make it on Wednesday nights because I am so rushed Thursday mornings before volunteering at school. It’s nice to have breakfast all ready for me.

Why did I just write a novel about oatmeal? Are you sorry you asked Jules?

This morning Chewie and I walked the boys to school. It was foggy and muggy and warm, even at 6:30 in the morning.


When we got home I showered and dressed and ate my oatmeal then headed back to school for my volunteer day.

I wore my huge watch and a bracelet that Cal’s teacher last year gave me as a gift for volunteering. I like to wear juvenile stuff to school.



I don’t know why I always post a photo of my “volunteering at school” clothes. Maybe it’s because it’s one of the few times during the week that I wear anything other than workout clothes or pajamas. Today was my school t-shirt and a knit skirt.


I’m tired of the Valentine’s decorations now that Valentine’s Day is over. I bet they have St. Patrick’s Day stuff up next week.

First I helped out in 5th grade (math, of course), then on to 2nd grade, as usual. Enter the blogging malaise. I know this post is exactly like every other Thursday post. My life involves a lot of routine.


Today I ripped Topic 9 out of twenty workbooks.


Then I separated and folded the 15 pages comprising Topic 9 into specified piles and stapled them.


I turned this 300 pieces of paper…


into this 300 pieces of paper.


Rip, separate, fold, sort, bundle, staple, stack.


When I was done I had the same sense of satisfaction that I used to get after auditing a bank (what I used to do as a “lawyer” before I retired) and presenting my Director with a nicely written list of the problems that I found. I always found stuff.


But nobody was ever happy to see me show up when I was an internal auditor for banks.


My current job is much better.


Lunch in the amphitheater.


Hanging stars for my friend Mrs. P. “P” is for petite, which she is and I am not.


I went home for lunch then came back to school for more 5th grade math. I wore my school t-shirt today because after school I helped collect spare change in the car line.


Somebody also threw an earring and a cell phone SD card into my bucket.


Once home from school it was homework (but not much since they don’t have school tomorrow), reading, snacks, then time for karate. While the boys were in karate I went for a four mile run/walk. I really didn’t feel like running AT ALL. It was hot and humid. Like 80 degrees and muggy. I figured I would make myself go and just do whatever and that would be better than doing nothing. I ran/walked the first three and mostly just walked the fourth mile.


I was hot and miserable in that photo, but in retrospect I’m happy with the four miles. Four miles is four miles! I haven’t actually totally missed a training run in forever. I’d have to go back and check my workout/training calendar to figure out exactly how long…okay, just looked and I haven’t missed a training run (two short runs and one long run per week) since the first week of January. I think I’m a little burnt out. It always happens. I’m not worried. I know I’ll be euphoric after the Suncoast Classic 10K this weekend.

After karate and run/walking we picked up our weekly pie(s)..two tonight!…from Tour de Pizza. I wanted toppings, so I got a cheese for the boys and a McClellan, hold the tomatoes, for Chad and me. A McClellan, named after Matt McClellan the awesome owner, is a white sauce pizza with sausage and spinach and mushrooms and tomatoes. Chad can’t do tomatoes, thus I had them leave them off. So good. Everything there is so good.

I’m exhausted but I’ll probably end up staying up late watching the last two episodes of Downton Abbey on Tivo since I know that I can sleep late tomorrow.

It’s amazing that I can have this malaise about my mundane life and then proceed to write almost 1500 words about this mundane day.