Suncoast Classic 10K and Kids’ Run Recap

February 25, 2012 at 2:26 pm

The boys are a little burnt out on race events after having done two last weekend (the Belleair Sunset 5K and the Tough Turtle Hurdle) but I dragged them out yet again this morning for the Suncoast Classic 10K and the Pelican Mile and Kids’ Dash.

We had been worried about the weather, but it turned out to be a beautiful morning in the low 60’s and with low humidity.


This race actually had a very civilized start time, with the 10K starting at 8:00 a.m. and the Pelican Mile starting at 9:00.


Also, as this is a relatively small local race (about 500 10K finishers last year), parking at Baywalk was no problem this morning.


We met up with all the IRunMommies at 7:30.


The lady in white in the front is the Director of the Ronald McDonald Houses of Tampa Bay (or something like that…I know she was some sort of organizer for the charity) and she wanted to congratulate the IRunMommies as the top fundraisers for the event. Under the leadership of the amazing Megan…


our team raised over $2,700 for the Ronald McDonald Houses of Tampa Bay!


Love these ladies.


After taking our group pictures, Chad and the boys left to go find some breakfast before their Pelican Mile 9 a.m. start time, and all the mommies got in the start line for the 10K.


I’ve said it before, but I love the visual statement that our uniforms make in the crowd.


My girl Kathy and me, ready to start…


I decided that I was really going to try my best today, so that I could be done in time to see the boys cross the finish line of the Pelican Mile. Since they started at 9:00 and I was starting at 8:00, I knew I would not be done with 6.2 miles in an hour and would not be able to see them start, but if I did well, I should be able to see them finish. With that in mind, I was determined not to stop to take pictures, so all of my pictures (except a couple at water stops where I walked for a few seconds just to drink) were taken on the run.


They had water stops at each mile marker, but I didn’t stop for water at the first one. I also didn’t take a picture at all at the mile 2 marker. They had these huge barriers up along Bayshore, I think in preparation for the St. Pete Grand Prix coming up in March.


They had a few bands on the course also, which was nice.


The course first circled Mirror Lake, then looped back down to Bayshore and south to Albert Whitted Airport. Then it turned back towards Bayshore again and followed the waterfront north. Lots of out and backs which meant lots of passing all the other IRunMommies and hand-slapping and yelling of encouragement. Very motivating. The course passed by the entrance to The Pier, but we did not run it. It seemed strange not to run The Pier, but also kind of nice to skip it.



I almost ran into the volunteer at the mile 4 marker, since I wasn’t looking where I was going. She was a good sport.


Since almost all of my pictures were taken on the run, many of them were completely out of focus. This is my favorite one of the day, though…the lovely Kimi!


I really concentrated on putting forth effort, not just coasting along. I tried to pass people that I had been with for most of the course once I passed the mile 5 marker.


The only walking I did was to sip water, no more than five or 10 seconds at each mile marker.


Getting super close to the end now…



Just .2 miles to go! The Pelican Mile and the 10K (and 5K) all crossed the same finish line, so I knew the boys were on the course and I thought for a moment of just heading down the 1 mile loop to find them and finish with them. But then I decided that since I had really been trying my best, I should just finish and try to get the best time I could.

Robin beat me:


This kid that was doing the Pelican Mile paced me for those last 2/10ths of a mile, but he was determined to cross the finish line before me:


I was happy to finish with my best 10K time yet!


At the St. Pete Beach Classic 10K my official time was 1:12:58 with an average pace of 11:45. At the Rock ‘n’ Roll St. Pete Half Marathon, my 10K split was 11:11:56. I don’t have my official time yet for today, but according to my Garmin:

garmin Suncoast Classic Feb 25

Total time of 1:09:44 with an average pace of 11:10! My first two miles were both under 11:00, which makes me very happy.

So while I was somewhere around mile 5, the boys were lining up with Kathy’s boys for their one mile race.



Okay, it looks like Robin ran the one mile, so he didn’t technically beat me in the 10K. Just sayin’.


The four boys more or less stuck together on the course, with the little brothers, Mack and Josh, crossing the finish line first…



followed closely by the big brothers Cal and Zack.


Thanks Chad, for being our awesome race photographer.


Thanks to all three of my guys for being good sports about Mom’s crazy hobby.


After the Pelican Mile it was time for the Kids Dash fun runs, which were set up by age groups. First up was the one and two year olds (also known as the “Diaper Dash”).


Seriously adorable.

Cal and Mack both did the kids dash in the “7 and up” age group…the last one.


As always, Mack had his game face on. I love it.




And also as always, Cal’s hair was flying. I love that too, but I really love the smile on his face while running.



He’s right next to my friend Ali’s daughter, Molly, who was kicking butt!


We attempted to get a kids photo after the kids’ races, but it was like herding cats.



Time for the post-race party! It was nice to see Baywalk bustling instead of a ghost town.



They had beans and rice…


and bagels and cheese and orange slices (and donuts and sandwiches and probably other stuff too).



Evidence of powdered donuts (Kimi’s daughter)…


Apparently they also had bananas, or else my friend Rasa was just happy to see us.


It was a good morning hanging out with my boys and the mommies, as always. We had some more fun with a short pit stop on the way home, but I’ll save that for another post. I think this one has enough words and pictures! Thanks Suncoast Classic, for a fun event! Cya.