Let’s scrap Monday

March 12, 2012 at 4:05 pm

I’m going to back up a little to Saturday night, since I didn’t blog yesterday (other than checking in on the blog’s Facebook page). So Saturday night Chad grilled steak and told me I had to take a picture of the big plate of meat. Look away now vegetarians.


We had steak salads but all I have to show for it is the photo of a big plate of meat.

Yesterday, on Sunday morning, Mack helped me make waffles.



My whole wheat oatmeal waffles are always good.


Just don’t pour in too much batter…this inevitably happens to me on the last waffle, when I just really want it all to fit in there.


After breakfast on Sunday we went to the gym.


First I did 20 minutes on the elliptical.


Then I headed to Bodypump and ran into my BFF/neighbor Val who had just done BodyCombat.


I’ve tried BodyCombat sort of when they do these combo classes on holidays. It’s tough. But I was only there for Pump.


Me for infinity.


After the gym I got heavily involved in watching five back to back episodes of Project Runway All-Stars that were piled up on my Tivo. Maybe they inspired me to sew, because I decided to tackle a Pinterest project while watching.

Here’s the original project (linking to the website from which it was pinned):

I turned a big, boxy, boring t-shirt into a (maybe cute?) tank top.

The shirt was from the Showdown on the Playground kickball tournament that I participated in last fall.


It was an okay quality t-shirt, but just big and boxy and plain on the front. I doubted I would ever wear it, but I do like the memory that the back evokes.


So, per Pinterest instructions, I cut it up.


I left it a little higher in the back, so that I wouldn’t cut off any of the printed part of the shirt and so there would be enough for the seam above the print. The front was cut straight across right under the neck opening.

Next I cut off the hemmed part of both sleeves.


Then I reacquainted myself with my sewing machine, which I haven’t used in a while.


After practicing on the scrap sleeves a little bit, I finally folded over the top edges of the front and back, making about a one-inch seam, and zig-zag stitched it straight across.




Next, I used the sleeve hems that I had previously removed, and cut the circles open and stitched them together with the machine to make one continuous band. I stuck a big safety pin through one end of the band…


and threaded it through the seams I had created on the shirt.


then I stitched the band together and slid the stitched seams of the band under the gatherings of the shirt. I am also wearing big baggy boxer shorts and leopard print slippers in these photos. Don’t be judgy.


So what do you think? More wearable than before? Totally ugly both ways? I have one other shirt I’m considering cutting and doing this to. I think I’ll wear them this summer.

So that’s all I did on Sunday. Chad and I watched The Walking Dead finale. Saw that coming a long time ago, right Karissa?

This morning I decided to let myself sleep a few extra minutes and just drive the boys to school. Then, thinking I had all day to do whatever I wanted (as long as it included going to Publix), I went back to bed after I got home from taking them. Next thing I knew it was 9:30, and my phone was chirping. I had forgotten all about a fun get-together I had planned with my friend Andrea this morning!

As quick as I could I showered, threw a ton of stuff into some bags, and headed over to her house. We were getting together to scrapbook!



Hooray! Cutting and pasting paper! My favorite thing!

I did injure myself pretty quickly. Paper crafting can be dangerous.


I had just grabbed a photo album, not even knowing what pictures were inside it, and it turned out to be from fall of 2008…when I went to Philadelphia for a photo-shoot for Nutri-system.


Those were pretty fun to scrapbook, use pink and girly stuff, and remember what that experience had been like.


Andrea is much more up to date with her scrapbooking. She was scrapping much more recent photos.


We had a nice lunch and a nice hang-out. Thank you Andrea! We might try to make it a monthly date.

After I left Andrea’s I quickly went by Publix (necessity)…


then picked the boys up from school.

Now I’m up to date. Just needed a little break yesterday. Also, I have not been counting calories and I have been drinking caffeine free diet cokes. Ah well. Tomorrow is a special day and I think I’ve been in “celebratory” mode since the weekend began last Friday. It’s all good.