Harvey’s 5K recap

March 18, 2012 at 2:05 pm

Last weekend I ran nine miles, including a huge bridge twice, with my friend Jenny at a pretty good pace for me. I was so proud of myself!

Then I didn’t run at all for a week. No real reason. Just being lazy. Maybe more on this in the next post.

Then yesterday morning I met some IRunMommies friends to run the Harvey’s 5K downtown.


The 5K didn’t start until 8 a.m. (such a civilized time!), but I got downtown early to make sure I’d have no problem parking. I ended up getting the best parking spot on Beach Drive…right next to the Vinoy hotel.


The pre-dawn Pier:


It was really a nice morning. I met up with my friend Ali before the race.


I wore another t-shirt conversion…


It was St. Patrick’s day, after all.


Orange Theory Fitness, a local gym (maybe they are a huge chain? I don’t know.), did a warm-up before the race began…


just as the sun was rising over the bay.


The runners were a field of green, although for some reason there isn’t that much of it in this photo:


Ali and I “ran” together, if you can call it that. Running mostly always sucks, but it particularly sucks when you have not done it in a week. I was feeble and Ali is getting over a foot injury, so we were happy to hang together and do a bunch of walking.

I realized when the announcer said, “Ready, Set, Go!” that I had forgotten to turn on my Garmin while we were standing around, and it won’t load the satellite if I’m moving. So I just went sans Garmin, which was probably for the best. I didn’t take any photos while running, either, but luckily (?) my friend Callie snapped these of Ali and me coming into the finish line, somewhere around 40 minutes.


I am such an idiot. And so pretty.


After the race we got some obligatory IRunMommies group shots.



This may be the most lame race recap ever. Obviously I was not feeling it, but I’m very glad that I had this on the calendar because it made me get out and go for a run.

I have to get back into my regular training routine this week. I must, I must, I must. That pesky Iron Girl Half Marathon is still looming in April.

Other stuff went on this weekend. Maybe I’ll post about it later. I’m just feeling anti-blog. It’s a familiar phase that I go through every now and then. It’s hard to hit “publish” when you feel like everything you just wrote is mind-numbingly boring.