Wednesday on plan

March 21, 2012 at 3:13 pm

Dinner last night was not a big hit with the boys.


It was crock pot Hawaiian chicken which I based on this recipe that I found on Pinterest.


Mostly they did not like the pineapple chunks (it was canned pineapple) and really they didn’t like the sauce much either. The recipe called for Archer Farms (Target brand) Hawaiian BBQ sauce, but I was shopping at Publix so I got a Lawry’s brand Hawaiian BBQ marinade instead.


Maybe I’ll try it again with the Archer Farms sauce instead and leave out the pineapple. Maybe not. You can’t win them all. I liked it.

After Chad got home he and the boys went for the family evening walk without me and I went to join the IRunMommies for a run.


I just did two miles, but I ran the whole thing and was really happy that I didn’t experience any of that “shin burning” feeling. My pace was around 11:30 min./mi. which is much better than the average 12:40 five miler from the morning.

After the run Christie (pink shirt below) led us in a half hour Karna Fitness “Restore the Core” class. It was great! It was really fun to work out in the park in the dark under the stars. It was not nearly as torturous as I was expecting.


Note to self: please try harder not to look insane in every photograph! Or how about just not feeling the need to BE in every photo.

Once I got home Chad and I had time to watch Smash on Tivo, then I zonked. It felt good to be back in the exercise game after my lazy week. I did skip Bodyflow yesterday, but my goal was to run five miles and write a blog post, both of which I accomplished plus some. I think when getting back into working out after a break you have to make very sensible daily goals, because meeting (or exceeding) those goals creates momentum and helps with getting back in the groove.

This morning we walked to school, but the whole walk is almost totally in the dark now, with maybe a slight lightening in the sky by the time I get home. No pictures.



For accountability, I think I am going to post pictures of my food for a while, but I’m not going to count calories. After years of counting calories, I think I’m pretty good at estimating a 400-500 calorie meal. I know I said I was going to start counting calories again this week, but now I don’t feel like it. It’s a PITA.

After breakfast…bike to the gym, Bodypump, bike home.


I went back up to my normal weights today since I wasn’t sore after Sunday. Now I’m thinking my shoulders might be kind of sore tomorrow. They have that “I’m going to be sore tomorrow” feeling.

I always pass this dad with his little boy in a bike trailer when I’m biking home from the gym:


For some reason that makes me happy.

Once home…lunch:


Today is early release day so I had to go pick up Mack soon after I ate lunch. Cal had book club for an hour then we picked him up too. He brought home this little gem of a homework assignment:


<Warning! Mini-rant ahead!>

This assignment requires EVERYONE IN OUR FAMILY to record basically every instance of water use in one day. Homework assignments that inconvenience the whole family are ridiculous. Cal about had a fit when I said that I thought it would be hard for us all to remember to make a tick mark every time we flushed the toilet for the next 24 hours. He actually wanted me to time myself using the garbage disposal and washing my hands, since those things are measured by the minute. It took some convincing to get him to accept estimates for these activities.

I think asking the student to measure HIS OWN water consumption for 24 hours is a valid assignment. Expecting the whole family to do so is not. According to Cal he will get an “F” on the assignment if we don’t all participate. Seriously?

<End mini-rant.>

The rest of the afternoon is going to be laundry, America’s Next Top Model, and making dinner. I think I’m going to make hot dogs and green beans for the boys and I’m going to have leftover crock pot Hawaiian chicken, since I’m the only one who liked it. I think Joey Z. is coming over to hang out with the boys.

There may be a family evening walk tonight, but I might skip it because I’m feeling like I have had enough exercise for the day (walk 2.3 miles, bike 6 miles, Bodypump). I’m planning (hoping, praying) to get up at 4:30 in the morning and go for a five mile run before the rest of the house gets up. I MUST get a run in tomorrow and I won’t be able to run during karate like I usually do on Thursdays due to a conflict. 5:00 in the morning is my only chance. Can I do it? Will I do it? Why would I do this to myself? Let you know tomorrow.