Pizza and pavement

March 29, 2012 at 1:18 pm

Last night was Grandma Viv’s last night here, so Chad and I took full advantage of her and went out on a date.


I had that wonderful “driving off into the sunset with NO KIDS” feeling.


We headed to downtown St. Pete and parked right behind the St. Petersburg Tampa Bay Times and the old YMCA building.


Chad was very indulgent of my ludicrous picture-taking.


After reading this article in The Times, we had been wanting try Wood Fired Pizza and had it on our “next date night” agenda.


It was a beautiful evening so we sat outside. I ordered a “Queen’s Margharita” or something like that.


It had chopped jalapeños in it and was so good. Our server told me that they ran out of well tequila and had to make it with Patrón. Darn.


Jalapeño in a margarita is genius!

For starters we ordered the Mediterranean Wedges.



They were really good. The bread is just amazing. Heavy on the garlic! I was totally intrigued by the olive oil dipping sauce. The herb sludge “ancient blended sauce” on the bottom was so unique tasting. Maybe it was the sumac?

The atmosphere on the patio at Wood Fired was great. It is right next to World of Beer where they had live music that we could clearly hear. Wood Fired was also serving food on World of Beer’s deck, so I guess they are reciprocal establishments.


Although the margarita was beyond delicious and made me want to drink three of them in rapid succession, I stuck to only one and then switched to Diet Coke (also delicious and naughty).




Notice the healthy choice on the menu up there above? We didn’t order that. We ordered the Pistachio Pie, hold the onions (Chad’s choice):



and the Palombino Pie (my choice):



It just so happens that those are both of the pizzas that were reviewed and recommended in The Times. Both were amazingly delicious.

The food and atmosphere at Wood Fired were both off the charts. The only caveats I would make are that you should not be in a hurry and you should be prepared to share. The service was very slow. It must take quite a while to wood fire a pizza. And to make a margarita. But we were not in any hurry so we didn’t mind much (except when we were thirsty with no drinks). Also, the food just sort of comes to the table whenever it is ready. One pizzetta came out quite a while before the other one, but we were sharing so didn’t care.

We had a really nice date and would definitely go there again. We brought home cheesecake and tiramisu for later. I actually ate the tiramisu this morning for breakfast. It was my reward after my five mile run (the reason I didn’t drink three of those awesome margaritas).


I usually run while the boys are in karate on Thursdays, but having Grandma here meant I could run this morning. I’m so glad I got it in because it was already hot at 8:30 this morning. I managed to do five miles with no walking, but I was not fast.


Still, I was happy that I didn’t take any walking breaks. I’m calling it a successful run.

Sadly, after my run and a shower it was time to drive Grandma Viv to the airport for her trip back to Tennessee. Grandaddy needs her. We are missing her already! Luckily, we already have our next visit with her and Grandaddy planned for the summer. Thank you so much Mom for all you did for the boys and for me this week. Love you!

This afternoon is karate and otherwise the rest of the day is devoted to laundry, which I have ignored since my Mom got here on Sunday. I feel like spring break is practically over.