Sunrise over St. Pete Saturday

April 7, 2012 at 4:20 pm

My previous three long runs have been one nine miler in Belleair/Clearwater, one ten miler also in Belleair/Clearwater, and another ten miler at the Sunshine Skyway Bridge Complex , all requiring super early morning drives. So it was nice this morning just to step out of my house and set off for eleven miles.

20120407-IMG_3689At about one and a half miles, on the St. Raphael’s bridge

There was a huge, full moon this morning that was a cool orangish color. Of course it doesn’t look like much in this photo, but I swear it was awesome.


The best thing about early morning runs is getting to witness so many beautiful sunrises.


Above and below, on the Coffee Pot Bayou bridge.


Right after I came off of the Coffee Pot Bayou bridge, my friend and fellow IRunMommies member, Kimi, caught up with me. We shared a mile and I snapped three photos of us while we were on the run.


Sadly, that one depicts me with the least crazy-eyes of the three. It was so nice to have a friend for one mile, but I was very jealous that as she was finishing I still had seven more miles to go. (FYI Kimi, that mile I ran with you was my fastest mile of the eleven that I did today. I know you think you are slow, but your “slow” is my “fast”.)

Part of the waterfront path at Vinoy Park was blocked off this morning…


due to Funk Fest.


I had to include their logo, because I love it:

funk fest logo

It was just a short detour through a parking lot to get back on the path on the other side of the park.


At around four and a half miles:


Downtown St. Pete:


A bunch of sunrise photos because it was so beautiful that I couldn’t help myself:


I turned around to head back towards home at the Dali Museum…


which is right next to the Mahaffey Theater where Chad and I saw the taping of America’s Got Talent on Tuesday.


I only took one photo on the second half of my run. It is of a group of people entering the bay at North Shore Beach in wetsuits.


I’m guessing they were doing an open-water swim (duh). That was just a reminder that triathlon season is starting. I’m excited (and a little nervous) to dip my toe in the tri world with the Meek & Mighty Triathlon three weeks from today! It’s just a mini-sprint with a pool swim, but I think that will be perfect for my (and Cal’s) first tri. I would like to do an open water swim some time, though.

I was feeling pretty good on my run up until about seven miles and then things got really tough. The last few miles included many walking intervals, but I got it done. Overall, I felt like this was a great morning. It was cool (mid 60’s?) and low humidity, which makes so much difference. I would love for the weather to be just like this in two weeks for the Iron Girl Half Marathon, but I’m sure that is just wishful thinking.

The stats:

20120407 11miles in St. Pete

I realize I haven’t updated my “Still Running” page since the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon on February 12th. I have done 26 runs since then! Oops. Nobody cares, but I do plan to update it at some point.

Once home I hobbled around the house, showered, and had breakfast…


then headed to Bodyflow.


I had not been to Bodyflow in two and a half weeks! I had to check my “Workout/Training” calendar to figure out that the last time was March 20th. All my “away from home” long runs on Saturdays, spring break, busy-ness, and some laziness just got in the way. I could really tell today that I had lost balance and flexibility, but it still felt great. Bodyflow (or yoga) is so restorative after a long run. Honestly I could barely walk after those eleven miles this morning, and going up and down the stairs of my house and the stairs at the gym was torture. But after class I felt so much better. I’d say I felt 90% normal for a few hours. Now, however, after sitting at my desk for an hour I have tightened back up some, but Bodyflow was still worth it.

While I was at the gym the boys headed to MOSI to do the ropes course thing they have there. They are still there, the house is quite, and now I am going to go lay on the couch with my feet up.

I hope the Easter Bunny stops by your house!