What’s the point Wednesday

April 11, 2012 at 3:05 pm

I drove the boys to school this morning because my hip is still hurting and walking seems to be one of the things that hurts the most. I did, however, go to the gym. I thought I would try the elliptical, since it is non-impact and has a very small range of motion.

One hour on the elliptical:


I was right and it wasn’t too bad. I could feel the tightness/soreness in my hip, but no acute pain. I reduced the resistance from what I usually do and also took it slower than usual and it was fine. I actually felt better after I got off the machine than I did before. I guess the endorphins and the exercise loosened it up.

Bodypump was also fine.


Nothing in Bodypump made my hip hurt, not even squats or lunges. Really, it is just walking (or running, I guess, although I haven’t tried that since yesterday) and going up and down stairs that seems to make it really hurt. Okay, I will quit talking about my stupid hip now.

Lifestyles is running another “Fit Club” promotion…


and I filled up the first six spaces on my card today.


I got a “free” grocery bag! Yay! (sarcasm)


Oh well. Since my method of house cleaning generally involves walking around and shoving things into bags and boxes and then setting those in the hallway for months on end, I can never have too many bags.

The promotion also includes free 30 day guest passes (you can use anything in the gym including the child care), so if any of my locals would like to try Lifestyles for 30 days for free, just let me know and I’ll get you a pass.

While I was on the elliptical I was catching up on a blog I sometimes read (by a very popular “professional” blogger) and I read this:

I was actually a little nervous about running this morning. I hadn’t run in 15 days, which is a long time for me, so I really wasn’t sure how things would go. I planned to run 5 miles, so I got myself together and headed outside. And, you know what, my run went much better than expected! I felt happy and strong, and I kept a good pace for the entire 5 miles.

  • Mile 1: 8:34
  • Mile 2: 8:30
  • Mile 3: 8:33
  • Mile 4: 8:26
  • Mile 5: 8:28

Total: 42:33 (8:30 pace)

I know that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others, and everyone is different, and blah blah blah, but reading stuff like that makes me feel like such a loser. I’m sure some people might read about my workouts and races and feel the same way about themselves, so it’s all relative. But honestly, that makes me feel like I shouldn’t even bother running. If I haven’t run for 15 days, it’s all I can do to run/walk a couple of miles under a 14 minute/mile pace. At that point I’m basically starting over from scratch. Even running consistently three times a week I don’t think I’ll ever average an 8:30 pace, even for one mile. Pity party. Being old and fat sucks. I’ll just eat some more Cadbury dark chocolate mini eggs and get over it. I’m sure that will help.

After the gym I ate lunch, watched TV, then went to pick up Mack from school. Cal had book club after school, so we picked him up an hour later. Now they are doing homework and reading. Chad has a work thing this evening and we will definitely not be walking, since that’s what is hurting my hip the most. Dinner will be leftovers of General Tso’s crock pot chicken.

And for no reason at all, here is some random Clinton love:

Bill and Hilary - Imgur(source)

Doesn’t our Secretary of State look hot in that picture above? And in this one also:

LIBYA-CLINTON/(from the awesome Tumblr Texts from Hillary. Original image by Kevin Lamarque for Reuters.)