Bloggers and Doctors

April 16, 2012 at 4:27 pm

Yesterday afternoon I picked up my friend Callie, The Wannabe Athlete, and immediately told her to go back inside and change clothes. We were dressed embarrassingly similar.


She refused. It’s hard to tell in that photo but we were both wearing white pants with navy blue stripes. Blogger uniform.

We were headed to Tampa for the first meet-up of the Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers, created by Meghann of Meals and Miles. We met at The Lime, a “modern Mexican” restaurant in South Tampa.


There were nine of us in all and they sat us at a high-top table right in front of the open windows along the sidewalk. This made for an easy escape when the bill came.


I had a really fun time talking “blog shop” with the ladies while we munched on The Lime’s chili lime chips and a queso/guac/salsa dip trio, which was delicious. It was mid-afternoon, and I had already eaten lunch, so I just ate the chips and dip, although some people ordered meals. Some of my thoughts on the blogger meet-up:

1.  Blogging and blog reading can be a highly social endeavor. It’s fun to hang out with people who read blogs or write blogs and understand the hobby, which probably 95% of my IRL friends don’t (even though they are awesome).

2.  I’m pretty sure that I was at least 15 years older than all these other ladies. When I mentioned that I graduated from high school in 1987, I could have just said that I had an eleventh toe. It’s okay, though. Nobody made me FEEL like I had an eleventh toe. I was also at least 15 pounds heavier than any of them (more like at least 30).  They accepted the fat old lady into the mix very sweetly.

3.  Meeting people that you “know” from their blogs, or who “know” you from your blog, is kind of surreal at first, then you get over it. You realize that the picture of your life that you share on the internet is not all of who you are, and neither is anyone else’s.

4. Everybody else ordered water to drink. I ordered Diet Coke. I was still just slightly hungover from The Rocky Horror Show. We had great service and our server was very attentive. She kept bringing me Diet Coke refills non-stop. The Lime cured my hangover with salsa and caffeine. Awesome.

5.  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of these ladies, and I look forward to getting to know them more and making more blog friends from the area as we try to make the meet-ups a regular thing.

lady bloggers

As Callie and I left Tampa, she twisted my arm and made me agree to go to Yogurtology for afternoon snack #2.


I had peanut butter chocolate yogurt with Reese’s cups, peanut butter chips and caramel turtles.


In other words, a bowl of creamy candy. When they swiped my Yogurtology key tag card, I had a $3 credit, so my yogurt was only $.67! Awesome.


Thanks for riding with me, Callie. I always enjoy our conversations (both IRL and online) so much.

Last night Chad and I watched Game of Thrones. I’m thinking reading all the books may have ruined the show for me. I think seeing the first season of the show before reading the books was actually a good thing, because there are so many characters to familiarize yourself with. It’s easy to lose track in the books. But now that I have read all of the existing books, I am finding myself very impatient with the television show. Still, I do love it and wouldn’t miss it.

This morning we drove to school because MY HIP IS STILL HURTING. Don’t want to talk about it. Not happy about it. Old and fat.

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning. It was just my usual follow up that I have to have every few months because I take medication for hypothyroidism and for high cholesterol. While I was in the waiting room I filled out forms for summer camp registrations.


I had just about time to write the exact same information on seven forms when the nurse practitioner appeared.


All my blood tests looked good. I was seven pounds more than I was one year ago. I still don’t know the exact number, as I choose to remain ignorant of that. The fact that my blood work is all good is really all I need to know. My blood pressure was also normal. She said I had the best Vitamin D levels she had ever seen. I’m so proud. My creatinine levels were slightly elevated, as they were last year, and she agreed that this was probably due to the amount that I work out. My kidney function otherwise looked excellent, so she didn’t seem really concerned. Anyway, enough about my super personal doctor stuff.

When I picked the boys up from school today we ran a couple of errands.

First we went by the Trek Bicycle Store of St. Pete.


They are donating two gift certificates to the Shore Acres 5/5 5K to be given as part of the winners’ prize packages!


That’s my friend Anne, one of the owners. Thank you Trek Bicycle Store of St. Pete!

The boys and I also went by one of the city recreation centers to get them new resident cards, so they can be registered for city summer camps. Big Brother has them in the system for another year.


Now we’re hanging out at home. It’s FCAT week, so Cal had no homework. Mack was jealous. They are both working on their second semester gifted projects, however. Actually now Joey Z. is over and they are all hanging out.

Speaking of friends, my friend “the other Caroline” is helping her girls collect clothing for the charity “Clothes for Kids”.


They collect clothing of all sizes (including adult sizes for teenagers), and are in special need of boys clothes right now. If you are local and have any clothes you would like to donate to charity (need them this week), please e-mail me and I’ll hook you up with “the other Caroline”. She would really appreciate it.

No exercise today. I’m not sure if Bodypump yesterday was a good idea or a mistake. Feel like a slug. Do slug’s have hips? Half marathon in six days.