Iron Girl Clearwater 2012 Expo

April 21, 2012 at 3:08 pm

Apparently I did not do anything at all yesterday because I took no pictures. Picture or it didn’t happen. But I would like to thank my friend Theresa for having Mack over for what he described as “the best playdate ever!”

I do know that something else special happened yesterday…my little sister’s birthday. Happy birthday Janet!


My sister is awesome.


Here we are at the nude beach together:


Hope you had a great day yesterday Janet! Can’t wait to see you this summer!

This morning my friend Kathy picked me up and we headed out to Clearwater for the Athleta Iron Girl Clearwater 2012 Expo.


It was supposed to rain this afternoon, but luckily it had not started when we arrived at Clearwater Beach.


As we walked a few blocks from our car to the expo, we chatted with a guy from FitNiche who was carrying all the laminated signs on sticks for the pace groups tomorrow.

The expo was being held at Pier 60 at the heart of Clearwater Beach, and the place was hopping. There was some sort of fishing tournament going on there and it was packed.


The expo itself was fairly small, and honestly Iron Girl did not do a very good job of advertising the fact that there even was an expo. On their website it just said “packet pick-up” and did not list what vendors would be at the expo. If I had been a vendor/sponsor, I would have been annoyed by that.

20120421-iron girl expo

The first thing we did was pick up our race packets, goody bags, and race shirts.


The shirts are a cottony-feeling dry-fit material. I think they are pretty nice. They are women’s cut shirts, but they had a large selection of sizes. Way to go Iron Girl! Much improvement over last year (but it would still be nice if they said Clearwater and 2012 on them somewhere).


Sorry I am flipping you all the bird there.

One of the first booths that caught our eye was the Life’s A Beach Triathlon booth. How could this not catch your eye?


This triathlon looks like so much fun, and I am actually already registered for it.


Unfortunately, I think I’m not going to actually be able to do it due to a conflict. However, the person in charge of the booth told me that they would transfer my registration via e-mail no problem. So, if anybody out there would be interested in doing this super fun triathlon in Sarasota on September 15th, let me know and I’ll sell you my entry at a discount (and I got the super low early bird rate). The motto of this race is “The Triathlon for Slackers”! You know you want to do it. You can even wear floaties in the swim portion! The organizer was really nice and gave me a t-shirt (no birds in this one).


The main sponsor of the Iron Girl series is Athleta sportswear, and their motto is Power to the She. The Iron Girl is a women’s-only race, and there were lots of girl power vendors represented at the expo.





We spoke with some great people at the expo and enjoyed the atmosphere.


We managed to hook up with my friend (and fellow IRunMommies member) Britt, who I ran the Meisner Bridge with a couple weeks ago, just before we left.


So now I’m home, resting my slightly still-sore hip which I do think is slowly improving. I’m somewhat obsessing over the fact that tomorrow I am going to carry my body through 13.1 miles, despite the fact that I have barely exercised and done zero cardio in the past twelve days. I also realize that this is likely going to completely set me back on my recovery, so I am prepared for the hip (and probably everything else) to be super sore again after the race. I plan to basically do no exercise again this coming week, so I will hopefully be able to complete the Meek & Mighty Triathlon next Saturday. It’s a mini sprint and the running portion is only one mile, so I think I can do it. After that, I’m going to rest rest rest however long it takes for my hip to be completely well. I promise Mary!

I’m also slightly obsessing over the weather. The forecast has improved from what they were saying yesterday, when it was 70% chance of thunderstorms with possible HAIL! Now it just looks like this:

Clwtr Weather

It looks like we might be in for a miserable few hours, but at least extreme heat should not be an issue. Wish me luck!


Edited to add: I did it! Check out my posts about this race:

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