The Iron Girl Clearwater 2012, spectator’s perspective

April 23, 2012 at 6:15 pm

I’m pretty sure this is the last post about the Iron Girl. This is all the photos I have anyway.

The original plan was for Chad and the boys to drop Kathy and me off at the start area in Clearwater and then head on to the finish line area at the beach. However, that meant getting up before 5 a.m., dropping us off at 6 a.m., and then hanging out at the beach for over four hours until we finished.

With possible bad weather in the forecast we decided that I would just drive Kathy and myself, and the boys would come on a little later if the weather looked bearable. So they arrived in Clearwater beach around 7 a.m. and found a place to have breakfast.


After the race all I heard about for ten minutes was the ginormous pancakes they had for breakfast at this place. Apparently it was a hit.


I think maybe Chad took these photos to illustrate the wind and iffy weather.


They saw the 5K’rs coming into the finish line area…


I think this was Cal pretending to be running with the crowd:



The boys loved this shark boat which was docked right next to the restaurant:


The 5K finish line:


Apparently there was so much congestion at the 5K finish that people were backed up trying to get across the line! Bad planning on Iron Girl’s part. Too bad if any of those people were actually trying to get a personal best.

There is a big playground at Pier 60 near the finish line area, and the boys took advantage of it to kill time while I was walking the half marathon.




Some heavy rain moved in for a little while and they sought shelter.


So did this pigeon:


While we were out on the race course Kathy texted Chad as we passed the mile 10, 11 and 12 markers so that the boys could have some idea when we would be nearing the finish line and to give them time to make there way there in case they had walked down the beach or something. I had forgotten my phone that morning, which felt like leaving my left arm at home. No Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc. check-ins!

You can really see the wind in this picture of Mack waiting for us at the finish line:


This shows why we could not see the finish line until we were right on top of it…it was around a curve and they had taken down the inflatable Iron Girl arch due to the winds:


Chad caught a picture of my friend Nikki coming into the finish. She had a cold and wasn’t feeling very well, but she still managed to pull out a half-marathon!


There were a million seagulls hovering around the finish line area. They looked crazy because although they were “flying”, they weren’t actually moving. They were just staying stationary in one spot, riding the wind. Look at the palm trees!


Chad took a picture of the Bay News 9 guy covering the race:


He also thought that this picture kind of summed up the race experience, considering the weather:


I wish he had picked up that visor. I totally would have taken it home and washed it and used it! I wonder why somebody discarded it? Must have been an accident.

Generally, the Gulf of Mexico has very little waves and some days it is just like a huge lake. Today, the water was rough.


The boys spot us coming into the finish:




So happy to be done!


Thank you so much for coming out to the race yesterday, Chad, Cal and Mack! Your support is amazing and very appreciated.

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