Bike, Bodypump, Battle of the Books

April 25, 2012 at 5:35 pm

Last night I headed over to Vinoy Park to meet my friends for a Restore the Core class with my Karna Fitness friend Christie. It was an amazingly gorgeous evening and I got there right at sunset.


Those little black specks in the photo above on the left are paddle-boarders. It was actually kind of chilly out there (in the 60’s, which feels like winter here) and I thought those guys must have been freezing. But they had to be enjoying the gorgeous sunset.


On the left in the photo below is North Shore Pool, where Cal and I will begin our first triathlon experience at the Meek & Mighty Triathlon on Saturday. I’m nervous and excited for both of us!


After I took those pictures the IRunMommies came rolling in from their Tuesday night run. My friend Britt and I were rocking our Iron Girl race shirts.


I didn’t run with the girls since I am trying to let my hip get completely well, but I felt like a slacker when they came in all sweaty and out of breath.

Although it felt chilly at the beginning of our class, I soon warmed up as we worked on restoring our cores.



It felt good to get some exercise.

This morning my hip felt better than it has since it first started hurting, but just to be careful I drove the boys to school.


As the morning wore on I really thought that my hip was feeling pretty good (not perfect, but not bad). Maybe I just needed to go walk 13 miles in order to somehow fix it? I’m just kidding about that, but I really did feel like the hip felt okay. I felt like I just had to take my new bike out on this gorgeous day, so I decided to bike to the gym for Bodypump.


The new bike felt awesome! It is so smooth and effortless compared to the Trek hybrid. Going over the canal bridges was a breeze. I was worried that it would feel jarring on the sidewalk/bike path, but it was fine. I wasn’t brave enough to try to bike up 62nd Avenue on the street yet, although usually when I see people riding road bikes on that street they use the actual road rather than the bike path. I think I’ll be sticking to the bike path anyway, unless I’m really trying to go fast. Cars scare me.

The biggest adjustment was getting used to the new handlebars…


as well as to the different grip, brake levers, and gear shifters.


I didn’t have any problems, though, and I made it to the gym unscathed.


It was great being back at the gym for the first time in ten days. I got to chat with my friend Patsy.


She is a Canadian snow bird and will be heading back up north next week. I’ll miss you over the summer Patsy! See you next fall!



I wore the Life’s A Beach Triathlon t-shirt that the organizer gave me at the Iron Girl Expo. This shirt is quite the conversation-starter, as two people asked me about it.

lifesabeach shirt-2

I’m sad that I won’t actually be able to do it this year due to a conflict. I hope I can do it next year. It looks like so much fun.

The new bike (which I think needs a name, only because “Star the Trek” has one…any suggestions?) and I made it home safe and sound…six miles total. Wednesday is early release day, so after a shower and lunch it was time to get the boys from school.

Well, actually, it was time to head to school for the Battle of the Books.

20120425-Cal Book Battle


Cal has been participating in book club all year. They had to read all fifteen of the Sunshine State Young Readers books for grades 3-6 and then re-read them again and again. They have been meeting to practice for the district-wide Battle of the Books by quizzing each other on titles, authors, and obscure content from all the books.


Today’s event was a preliminary competition amongst fourth and fifth grade teams to see which team would move on to represent our school at the district competition.


Mack and I had a good time spectating, and it was a pretty exciting one-hour competition.


They used electric buzzers and the teams conferred before giving answers.


Cal’s team, the Reading Eagles, was doing really well right from the start. Cal manned the buzzer.


Lots of fist-bumping and high-fives whenever they got an answer correct.


Cal did all the reading and book club work completely on his own. I never have to twist Cal’s arm to get him to read. He pretty much always has a book open, even when he’s watching YouTube.


Cal’s team won! They were so proud and we were so proud of all of the kids. The two boys on the ends were the team’s coaches, and together they all did an amazing job.


They all received a $5 gift card for Barnes and Nobles.


Cal said, “Too bad our Barnes and Nobles closed.” That’s okay, he can use it online!

On our way back to the car there was a random tiny goat at school.


To celebrate Cal’s hard work and victory we went to Yogurtology!


Where else would we go?


It’s been a fun day. My hip feels good, I got to ride my new bike and pump some iron, Cal won yet another brainiac competition, and we got to eat creamy bowls of candy. Awesome.

Joey Z. is over here now hanging out with the boys. Dinner is going to be leftover chicken Stroganoff and broccoli. I’ll probably skip the family evening walk tonight, but I’m hoping that the hip continues to feel better and I’ll be back to walking and running soon.