St. Anthony’s Meek & Mighty Triathlon Expo

April 27, 2012 at 1:42 pm

Last night was Shore Acres Spirit Night at Tour de Pizza.


We saw a bunch of our Shore Acres friends there when we went to pick up our dinner after karate. In honor of the fundraiser, we had to get two pizzas.



We drove to school this morning because Mack had his big poster for his gifted project and I wasn’t sure about balancing it on the stroller. There was a gorgeous sunrise this morning. This photo was taken one block from the boys’ school.


When I got home I had a great breakfast thanks to Grandma Viv who sent us a box of homemade muffins!


Thanks Mom!

From the moment I woke up this morning, all I have been able to think about is this:


I had to tweet about it to get it off my chest.

Speaking of Twitter, I really wish more of my friends used it. Callie wrote a nice blog post yesterday about getting started on twitter. Come on guys. I know that you don’t need more time-sucks in your life, but if you are not using Twitter then you are missing out. I know I have said the same thing about Google+ and nobody cares, but I really enjoy them all. Also, I’m really loving Instagram now that it is available for Android. Join me in the obsession! I said the same thing about Pinterest forever ago, and finally most of you have seen the light on that one. Trust me. Come to the dark side. You can’t have too much social media in your life.

Before I left to go the gym, I put air in both Cal’s and my bike tires.


I guess the bikes are ready for tomorrow.

Then, like I said in my tweet, I biked to the gym. I rode Star the Trek, since I will be using that bike tomorrow for the triathlon.


It felt so comfortable to be back on the hybrid. It was like putting on my favorite pair of jeans. I hope I get to feel that way about Specialized Snowflake after a while also. Yes, that is “his” emasculating name. Thanks Maggie, for the suggestion. It’s perfect.

Star at the gym today:


I got to the gym a little early for my class so I did ten minutes on the elliptical to kill time.


Biking and ellipticalizing do not bother my hip at all.

I realized at the gym that I was in “Rock ‘n’ Roll” mode today, with the t-shirt that I got at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon kick-off party and the drawstring backpack that was the goody bag from the expo.


My friend Mary was at Bodypump!


She is my physical therapist friend whose invaluable advice got me through the Iron Girl Half Marathon last weekend. She is also one the Real Housewives of Pinellas County, our Ragnar Relay Florida Keys team. Thanks again for your help with my hip, Mary!

After biking home from the gym, showering, and having lunch, I disturbed Chewie from his restful slumber on Mack’s pillows…


put him in his crate, and went to pick the boys up from school. Straight from school we headed downtown for the St. Anthony’s Triathlon Expo. We ran into some friends just as we arrived…


Those are my friend Tanya’s kids and they are both doing the Meek & Mighty tomorrow. They have done it previous years also. Their dad is doing the St. Anthony’s Olympic distance tri on Sunday.

This expo was HUGE.


First we got in line to get our race packets.



Waivers signed…USAT check-in…


I went ahead and signed Cal and myself up for a year membership with USAT just in case we want to do more triathlons this summer.


Triathlons are so complicated! Wrist band, swim cap, helmet number sticker, bike number, running number. So much stuff.


After we got our race packets and shirts we went to an informational clinic about the race.


I listened closely to every word this nice lady said. I am so nervous about all the logistics! I am so glad to have this mini-sprint triathlon to do as my first one so I can figure out what it is all about.


After the clinic the boys and I did a lap around the expo in Straub Park which seemed to just go on forever.


We hit up the tent for Outspoken, a local bike shop…


to buy elastic shoe laces for all three of us.


They were highly recommended by one of the pros at the clinic, and I can see that they would make transition go a little more easily.

The boys were bored and hot (it was close to 90 degrees today) and wanted to go home by this time, so we just quickly walked through the rest of the expo.




Now we’re home and I have a bunch of things to do to get us ready for our super early start in the morning. Cal and I need to be at check-in at 6 a.m.

Ack! I’m still so nervous. Wish us luck. Next time you see me I’ll be a triathlete!

p.s. I was featured on the Lifestyle Family Fitness blog today…check it out here.