Kentucky Derby Party 2012

May 8, 2012 at 5:52 pm

Is it really Tuesday? I am in denial that it is actually the middle of the week. I’m still trying to recover from the weekend. The Derby always wipes us out. Luckily, nothing fascinating has happened this week worth blogging about. Oh, I did have a contractor come out yesterday afternoon to look at the bathrooms. Hopefully he’ll have some sort of estimate for me soon. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it works out.

In an attempt to not lose the memories forever, here are a few pictures from our Kentucky Derby party on Saturday.


We had simple appetizers of fruit and veggies, chips/salsa/guac/dip, nuts, and Derby pie and cookies for dessert.


My friend Lynn helped me put together the main attraction…


Kentucky Hot Browns!


Just look at the deliciousness.


Look closer and drool….


They were even better than they looked.

We also had mint juleps and Sangria (as a nod to Cinco de Mayo).


One of our friends brought El Diablo, his (former) race horse, which caught Chewie’s attention immediately.


A new friend!


I was really bad at directing the photography, and failed to get an annual family photo at all (damn). We also didn’t really get too many photos of the gazillion kids running around doing kid stuff. I did manage to grab this one photo of a few of the older boys doing what they spent most of their time at the party doing…


There were ladies in hats…


I was so happy to be surrounded by my friends.



This special friend gave me kisses…


and early birthday presents!!!

birthday presents-2

She knows what I like.


After hours of eating and drinking it was finally time for the big event…the most exciting minute and a half in sports. As they played “My Old Kentucky Home” everyone gathered around the television to watch the horses line up.



Of course everyone had some skin in the game, which makes it much more exciting.


And they were off! The noise level in the house rose by the second as the horses jockeyed for the lead. I had money on Bodemeister and Hansen, so at this point I was looking pretty good:


But in the end, I’ll Have Another came from behind to win the Derby. Four people split the pot. This was one very happy kid with $33 for his $2 investment:


I thoroughly enjoyed our party and hope all of our friends did too. This was the 16th annual Derby part for us in this house (I’m pretty sure…I know we’ve done it every year we lived here and we bought the house in 1996), and I love that every year we have a mix of old friends and new friends to share our tradition with. I just wish I had gotten the traditional family photo! Darn.

I crashed pretty early on Saturday after everyone left, since the boys and I were getting up before 5 a.m. to volunteer at a race on Sunday (hopefully I’ll get that blogged next!). But Chad stayed up late and cleaned up ALL the party mess, including hand washing all the dishes!


I love you honey!