Mother’s Day & “me” time, part 3: St. Pete Bike ‘n’ Eat

May 13, 2012 at 4:49 pm

I think I have gone through all of my photos now. I think. I found this gem:


Mack went to a sleepover birthday party at his best best best best buddy’s house Friday night. I think the lack of sleep Friday night finally caught up with him today, as he has been napping all afternoon.

I have done nothing but sit on my butt and have people bring me things all day. It’s awesome. Cal said that I should be thanking him, because if it weren’t for him I wouldn’t be a mother. He said I must be awesome since I created him. Cal is a unique flower.

Chad finally woke Mack up from his nap and I opened my Mother’s Day gifts.

First the cards…


Cal wrote a poem.



Slippers! Always the perfect gift.


Jewelry! Always the perfect gift as well! Cal helped me put on the fancy new bracelet.


It’s light blue topaz and sterling silver.


Love it! Goes so well with my pajamas.


Now for the last installment of this Mother’s Day trilogy: my mommy “me” time yesterday…

The St. Pete Bike ‘n’ Eat

I have too many pictures from the event and I want to post them all! So I’m going to do a slideshow. I reviewed all of the restaurants where we stopped on Yelp…so check out my reviews there if you would like to. The photos should be in chronological order, and here’s where we went:

Trek Bicycle Store of St. Petersburg
Casita Taqueria
Meze 119
The Ale & The Witch
Parkshore Grille

We biked all through Northeast St. Pete, Crescent Lake, downtown, Central Avenue, The Pier, Beach Drive, Old Northeast…about seven miles total. There was a relaxed, casual pace and we had plenty of time to hang out at each stop. I thoroughly enjoyed the event! Thank you Trek Bicycle Store of St. Petersburg, Keep St. Petersburg Local, and to all my friends who joined me yesterday. It was so fun!

Happy Mother’s Day one last time! I must give a shout out to my Mother-in-Law who is a mother and grandmother like no other. We miss you Gramma! Thank you for crafting such a wonderful son to be my amazing husband.