Wednesday with a limp

May 16, 2012 at 1:48 pm

Last night I actually met up with the IRunMommies for our regular Tuesday night run!


They did 2-3 miles of speedwork intervals, but I just decided to do a 2-mile out and back and see how I felt. There were so many people out in North Shore Park last night!


There were at least ten different groups either working out or doing sports in the parks, and the beach was busy with all kinds of people being active. The bay was completely calm, like a lake. It was hot and humid…near 90 degrees at 7:30 p.m.



I ran from North Shore Park to the Coffee Pot Bayou bridge, taking several walking breaks along the way.


My hip felt fine as I was running, but whenever I felt an “awareness” of it I took a walk break. Also, I could really tell how out of shape I am from having only run one mile (at the Meek & Mighty Triathlon) in the last month.


It felt good to be back out there at least trying. After our run, Christie led a Restore the Core class.


She ended the class with a plank contest. I was motivated by the competition, but I caved in at 1:40 to take second place. Good job Dianna! I’ll get you next time.

After I got home and showered, Chad and I watched the season finale of Smash.


We really liked this show and can’t wait for next season! I have never been much of an American Idol fan so Katharine McPhee was barely on my radar before this show, but she is amazing in it.

While we were watching television I noticed that my hip was starting to ache. By the time I went to bed it was pretty painful. This morning it really hurt. Like, walking slowly with a pronounced limp, hurt. We drove to school.

In the car on the way to school Mack quizzed Cal on his Battle of the Books material. Today they were having the district competition.


See Cal’s hair above? Think we should be worried?

emohair(click the image or here to read to whole story)

It was a good thing we walked because it started raining when we got to the school anyway.


The weather kind of matched my mood today. I am really bummed about my hip. It really hurts today and ibuprofen didn’t make a difference. I feel like I am never going to be able to run again. How can I run for two years, including two half marathons, and have no problems, then suddenly this hip thing? For now I guess I need a longer break from running. I guess I should go to a doctor or a licensed physical therapist, but that sounds like such a hassle. If I want to run again (and I do have commitments that I am excited about that involve running this fall and next winter), I may have to just suck it up and make an appointment.

Randomly I took a photo of one component of my breakfast:


That is a toaster oven tray and halved grape tomatoes, sprinkled with one of my favorite seasoning blends, Jane’s Krazy Mixed-Up Salt.


I really love the combination of eggs and tomatoes.

Since my hip was killing me and I was feeling morose, I spent the morning watching a Hulu original series that Chad recommended to me called Battleground.


It is a fake documentary about a Senatorial campaign. The lead is eerily like Noah Wyle, who I love, so maybe that it why I like it so much, but I am really enjoying it. This is the first thing I have ever watched on Hulu (just the free online streaming, not HuluPlus which costs money, but would let me watch Hulu stuff on my Tivo). I can’t believe all the commercials! At least they sometimes gave me the option to watch a three minute long promo at the beginning and then watch the episode without further commercials. Three minutes in one shot means a trip to the bathroom and the kitchen. Otherwise it was tons of commercial breaks in a 23 minute episode…crazy.

It was early release day at school. Cal’s Battle of the Books team took 5th out of 6 teams. Not so hot. Cal said that they didn’t enforce the rules that his team had been taught, such as not hovering your hand on the buzzer (they had been taught that your hand must be lying flat on the table), and not buzzing in until the question had been completed. So they were at a disadvantage at the beginning until they figured out that the rules were not being enforced. Cal didn’t seem to care. He was happy to have read all the books and I think he enjoyed all the preparation for the competition.

We are just hanging out at home this dreary afternoon. The boys are having leftover chicken Stroganoff for dinner, which turned out really good by the way. If you want to make it, rest assured that it turns out great using the reduced fat cream cheese (like Neufchatel) and 98% fat free cream of chicken soup. Also, I added about two cups of frozen green peas and a 12 ounce container of sliced mushrooms with about an hour and a half of cooking time left. I added the cream cheese and soup with about a half-hour left and turned it up to high. Last time I made it I just dumped the pasta into the crock pot to cook for the last hour (used a bigger crock pot), but this time I made the pasta separately and then just spooned the Stroganoff on top. I think it turned out better this way. The boys loved it and are psyched for leftovers.

I’m going out tonight with some girlfriends! I feel like I have had lots of “Mom’s Nights Out” lately, but my Facebook friends assured me that you can’t have too many. And my birthday is Friday, so I’m just going with it. Fill you in tomorrow.