Another episode of the Laundry Chronicles

May 21, 2012 at 4:29 pm

You know it’s an exciting day when I blog about laundry and Publix. Since I know that now you’re sitting on the edge of your seat…

Last night Chad and I watched Game of Thrones and ate the Paciugo gelato that I bought after the blogger meet-up yesterday. The aluminum-foil job that the guy at Paciugo’s did apparently worked


When I unwrapped the containers, there was little evidence of any melting.


I guess the fact that I was home in ten minutes and stuck them right into the freezer helped. I got two medium bowls, one filled with coconut gelato and one with salted caramel. After the fact I realized that Paciugo will let you put multiple flavors in one container, so I wish I had tried a few other flavors. Oh well…next time!


Both flavors were amazing. Chad and I shared both, but he preferred the coconut and I preferred the salted caramel, so after switching once, we switched back for good. I would definitely recommend Paciugo! It was a great way to end my two-week hog wild eating fest. Today I am getting back to healthy eating, once again. My philosophy is that you have to live life and enjoy it. There’s no point to anything otherwise. For me, that means pigging out for a couple of weeks a few times a year.

While it wasn’t the best way to start of a “new healthy week”, we drove to school this morning because Cal had this huge science experiment display that he didn’t want riding in the stroller.


Monday is usually a non-exercise day for me, and that was fine with me today because my legs are a little sore from Bodypump yesterday. Also, I had a TON of housework to do today.

Chad hates when I post pictures like this on the blog…


but I know you love it. That is what my house looks like two weeks out from the Derby Party, considering that those two weeks involved Mother’s Day and my birthday, both of which I celebrated for an entire week.

One of the things we loved about this house when we bought it 16+ years ago was the huge counter/bar in the kitchen. The only problem is that it is a big horizontal surface that tends to collect things constantly. Notice how we have one square foot of space available for food prep remaining.


The first step was clearing off the counter top.


Much better.

Then I was able to tackle the laundry mountain, which consumed most of the kitchen floor space.


Once I got the laundry started, I ate breakfast. Since I’m trying to be all “back on the wagon”, I’m going to post my food for a while.

wish this was pie(I stole this from the Evos Facebook page.)

Breakfast was oatmeal with cottage cheese, eggbeaters, salsa, and of course three cups of coffee with Splenda and skim milk.


I love savory oatmeal.

While I ate breakfast I composed a dinner meal plan for the week.


After breakfast and laundry flipping and folding, I went out to Publix to get what I needed to implement the plan and get through the week.


They had two new versions of the pre-made salads that I love.


I bought one of the Asian Style Chicken varieties to try. I’ll definitely have to try the Apple Bleu Pecan also. For some reason I didn’t think I’d want a salad with a bunch of fruit, but now that I realize that it must have blue cheese, I definitely want to try it.

I also randomly bought two of these shirts for the boys at Publix for the 4th of July.


I’m a sucker for a tie-dye and they were $10 each. Have you ever bought clothes at Publix?

After I put the groceries away and flipped and folded more laundry, I ate my lunch. It was another pre-made Publix salad which had been sitting in my fridge for a while.


Yes, it expired on May 16th. Whatever. The spinach still looked good. I threw out the chopped egg that came with the salad, but ate everything else. I added additional spinach and lettuce and a fresh hard-boiled egg. I also ate a few bites of some artichoke salad that Chad had bought at Fresh Market for my birthday dinner on Friday.

After flipping and folding yet more laundry, it was time to pick the boys up from school. On the way home we drove by the house where Mack went to a birthday party on Sunday. Looks like somebody pulled a prank on the birthday boy.


I managed to finish ALL the laundry, including folding.


Five loads. Well, six if you count the dog bed that I washed last and which was still in the dryer when I took this picture. I just wish that it would all go put itself away. At least no one will have to go “commando” tonight, like someone might have had to do last night.

Now it’s time for me to make dinner and take a shower and try to look presentable. I’m going to a Yelp event in Tampa tonight. I have recently become somewhat obsessed with Yelp (I realize this is just another in a long string of various internet obsessions for me). So much so, that I might have written a review for Publix today. It is a fun community and a cool company.

yelp is down

Fill you in on my dinner and the Yelp event tomorrow. If you are on Yelp, friend me!