Night-Blooming Cereus Thursday

May 24, 2012 at 4:52 pm

Many of you were curious about Cal’s haircut yesterday, so here it is (with his permission):

cal haircut front-2

cal haircut back-2

I know you can’t tell much difference, but it really looks so much better. It’s less mullet-ish and neater (which is exactly what he didn’t want). He actually says that he can’t tell a difference and no one noticed at school, so I guess it was a success.

This morning on our walk to school I noticed that the flowering, vine-like cactus on my neighbor’s tree was blooming.


The blooms are so pretty, and so rare.



The cactus “vine” sort of just grows and hangs all over the host tree.


I’ve always noticed this cactus and these blooms that seem so infrequent, but never knew what kind of cactus it was. Then I saw this on Facebook this morning:


Kind of ironic because I saw that after I had taken those photos this morning. Now I know what it is called! My photos above were taken around 6:30 a.m. By the time I got home around 7:30 a.m., the blooms were already starting to close.


This droopy thing is what they look like after they are done blooming:


Mack had a fieldtrip today to The Science Center. I have been to The Science Center with both boys multiple times, so I asked Mack if he would care if I didn’t go. He didn’t care and his teacher said they had plenty of chaperones, so I didn’t go. I also bailed on helping out in fifth grade because I had tons of stuff to do at home.

Mack’s sleepover 8th birthday party is tomorrow night and I needed to get the house straightened up. First I “cleaned” the great room, which just means exposing the floor…



which is good enough for a bunch of eight year olds.

I also cleaned the bathroom, even though I really really didn’t want to.

Since I was on a cleaning roll, I decided to tackle my closet. The other day I spent fifteen minutes looking for my favorite yoga shorts and never could find them. I knew that I was at critical mess for my clothes. You’ve seen this picture (well, a very similar one) on this blog before, but…


somehow it just didn’t stay cleaned up. That pile includes all my winter clothes, plus more recent things mixed in. The saddest thing is the suitcase…


See it there under the pillow that is under the jeans that are under the long-sleeved shirt I bought on clearance from Athleta five months ago but never opened that is under the flannel coat? That suitcase has been sitting right there since we got back from our trip to Lexington AFTER CHRISTMAS. Yeah, I suck.

Finding my yoga shorts was one incentive, but another was that I wanted to take all the unwanted things to the Goodwill bin at the boys’ school soon. They get more money from the donations while school is in session than they do during the summer.

I found my yoga shorts under the pile of clothes and shoes!


And I ended up with three huge bags of clothes to put in the Goodwill bin. One bag is full of things that Chad had already designated as ready for charity.


The hardest thing to let go of this time was these two sweaters:


They are huge, heavy wool J. Crew sweaters that I have had since law school in the early 90’s. I loved those sweaters in Kentucky. I wore them often there. However, I have not worn them in 20 years. They have survived many, many purges, but today they went to Goodwill. Farewell my old friends.

Although I purged a bunch of stuff, my closet is still overly full, but I managed to get everything in there.


I need a bigger closet! This closet is actually twice this big, but I’m not showing you Chad’s side as a courtesy to him. It’s better than my side was “before”, but it’s not that great. He can’t close his closet doors. But I can!


After I got done with the clothes I ate lunch then ran everything to the Goodwill bin at school…


then I hurried back home to catch a live webcast at 1 p.m. with Roni Noone of Just Roni (formerly Roni’s Weigh). Roni has done video podcasts for a long time, but this is the first time she did one live with attendees participating through live comments and chat. I actually ended up being on video for a few minutes too. You can see it here if you want (I start at about 21 minutes, so you can skip ahead if you just want to see how bad I look after cleaning my house. I also show off my floppy bat-wing arms in the video.). The audio on me is terrible and my office always looks really dark on my laptop video camera, but whatever. I didn’t realize when I tuned in that I would end up on the recording. I love Roni and have followed her for years.

I had to leave halfway through the webcast to run to the post office to mail a birthday box for my niece, then I picked the boys up from school on my way home. After they did their homework we did a quick clean-up of their room. Luckily it wasn’t too bad since we had recently cleaned it before our Kentucky Derby party.

Now we’re at karate where I am using their wi-fi to finish this blog post up. Tonight we are decorating the house for the party! Dinner is going to be turkey burgers, sweet potato tots, and green beans.