Yoga at the Dali Museum

May 27, 2012 at 3:51 pm

Last night after I iced my knee it felt MUCH better. I could walk without wincing every time I put weight on my left leg. This morning when I woke up it was even significantly better still. Whew.

As I was puttering around the house this morning, I noticed these bottles placed in several locations throughout the house:


We have had a fruit fly issue for the past few days and don’t know where they are coming from. There was a semi-rotten tomato in our fruit bowl last week, but we threw that away and cleaned everything quite a while ago, so maybe they came from there but you’d think they would be gone by now. Chad Googled fruit fly traps and made these with cider vinegar and a drop of dish soap. They all have a bunch of fruit flies in them now, so I guess they are working.

I made mint M&M’s pancakes for the boys and oatmeal (with cottage cheese and eggs) for myself, then we headed to the gym.



My knee wasn’t too bad at the gym. I had to concentrate on my form during the squats and lunges to make sure I didn’t overextend it or twist it, but I was able to do everything.

After we got home from the gym I quickly changed into yoga clothes and grabbed my mats and headed to The Dali Museum downtown for their Sunday yoga class.


I heard about this class from several of my active friends and had really been wanting to check it out. I had also been wanting to check out the new Dali Museum itself ever since it opened.


Chad and I went to the old museum several times and always loved it. We took Cal once when he was two, I think…I know it was before Mack was born. I don’t know why we haven’t been yet. I guess the opportunity just hasn’t come up.

The inside of the Dali is just as impressive as the outside. It’s just beautiful.



The yoga class was a vinyasa/ashtanga-based style including pranayama (breath work), asana (posture work), meditation and relaxation. They provide yoga mats and blocks if you don’t have your own. They also provide cool Dali Museum bottled water.


When I arrived at the class the instructor, Laura, greeted me and talked with me a little bit about the class, inquiring if I had any injuries and about my history with yoga. She was very nice and welcoming. The class is held in the Raymond James community room…


and the walls are lined with cool images from events that have been held at the new museum.


Seeing all the photos of people having a blast made me want to be involved with more events at the Dali. I always want to do everything. The room is large and open and has an amazing view.



The class included both men and women, young and old, beginner and advanced. Laura is currently doing a 4-week series entitled “The Science of Yoga and Stress” and this was the second week of the series. She said that she likes to do series like this from time to time to discuss different issues related to yoga to keep things fresh for the regulars, but that not every class will include many of the things she discussed today.


The class was 90 minutes long, and I thought it was wonderful. It was different than the Bodyflow classes I usually do, which are a mixture of yoga, Pilates and Tai-chi. I wasn’t dripping with sweat like I usually am with Bodyflow, but the flexibility and balance portions of the class were great and I really enjoyed it.


The classes are $10 for members and $15 for non-members. I think anybody of any fitness level could enjoy this class, even if they are completely new to yoga. I will definitely be back! Who wants to go with me next time?

I’m thinking yoga may be a miracle-worker, because after the class my knee felt almost completely normal. At Bodypump there was still some pain if I wasn’t careful, but now it seems completely gone. As I sit around this afternoon I guess it might stiffen up and ache again, in which case I will ice it, but for now I am is such a great mood. What a difference a day makes.

We have no plans for the rest of the day or for tomorrow, really. There is a “Memorial Day Amazing Workout” at Lifestyle’s tomorrow which I think I am going to attempt, especially now that my knee is feeling good. Hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend!