Elementary School Graduation Day

June 7, 2012 at 2:04 pm

It was another rainy morning as we all went to school together today for Cal’s fifth grade graduation.


Mack actually wasn’t feeling well this morning and had a slightly high temperature, so instead of sending him to his class, we kept him close to us in the cafetorium. Our PTA president went above and beyond (as usual) and made the café look awesome for the graduates.



Cal’s class was the first one to enter.


The kids were all excited and extremely emotional. Soon the café was packed with students and family.


They honored the students with many different awards. Cal got awards for Safety Patrol, Super Science Competition, Battle of the Books, and the Presidential Academic Excellence Awards (gold level). We are so proud of him!





We went up to Cal’s classroom after the graduation celebration.


The fifth graders were free to be signed out after graduation, but Cal really wanted to stay until the end of the day.


He had a great year in Mrs. Walter’s class. Thank you for everything Mrs. W!


Chad, Mack, and I left school and went by Dunkin’ Donuts to get Mack a donut. He did not eat dinner last night or breakfast this morning because he was not feeling well, and by now he was starving. Chad had told him that if he could suck it up enough to get through Cal’s graduation that he would get him a donut afterwards. Yes, we bribed our sick kid with a donut.

Chad and I got the DDSmart egg white and turkey sausage flatbread sandwiches.


For 280 calories it was pretty good. Chad said, “Better than McDonald’s, not as good as Subway.”

We hung out at home for the rest of the morning and Mack napped. Poor guy definitely has a bug. He was sad that he did not get to spend the last day of school with his class. He did get to see his teacher at the graduation ceremony (she also had a fifth grade son graduating), so that helped a little.

At noon I went to pick Cal up. Last time in the car line until next fall…


wondering if it is ever going to stop raining. It’s been raining for days it seems.

When Cal and I got home we presented him with a graduation gift.


Whenever boxes are opened, Chewie has to inspect everything.


Cal was thrilled with his new skateboard.


His old one was a piece of crap and was falling apart. He rode it all over the house (only allowed until it has been outside). Since it is raining today he couldn’t take it out in the street for a spin.



Cal has previously asked for a long board (gravity board) for his birthday which is not until August. Chad asked him if he would like for us to go ahead and order the long board now so that he can use it over the summer, but then not get a birthday present from us in August. Cal agreed enthusiastically. Much to his surprise, however, Chad brought something else out of the study…

20120606-DSC_0020(surprised while eating his lunch)

Two more boxes! First, a smaller box…




Every sport has lots of gear.


Then a much BIGGER box…



The excitement at this point was off the charts.







Cal, we are extremely proud of all your amazing accomplishments during elementary school and especially during fifth grade. We know that you worked really hard all year. You deserve these rewards. Please just wear your helmet and don’t break any limbs!


Now we’re taking care of poor Mack and in a bit Cal and I will be running out. I am going to sign both boys up for swim team (their first time!) and then I’m taking Cal to karate. Luckily Chad took the day off (well, working from home) for Cal’s graduation so he can take care of Mack. Tonight he is going out to practice pool. They don’t have their regular league matches tonight because this weekend is the city tournament. We’re skipping pizza night because Mack is sick and because Cal is going to have pizza at a friend’s house tomorrow. Crap…guess that means I need to make something for dinner.

The rainy weather, Mack’s sickness, and the end of an era for Cal has left me feeling kind of melancholy. I also feel kind of unprepared for the summer, but then again, what’s to be prepared for? Just the pool, the beach, amusement parks, summer camps, swim team, etc. Bring it on!