Weddings are awesome

June 10, 2012 at 2:48 pm

Yesterday afternoon the boys and Chewie and I did manage to squeeze in a short walk down to the park. Well, Chewie and I walked and the boys rolled.



Chewie in particular was thrilled to be out walking after days of rain.



It was hot and we didn’t have long to hang out, but the boys made the most of it.





After we got home I got ready to go to my friend Andrea’s wedding. The babysitter arrived and I was off to Treasure Island.


Chad was at his citywide pool tournament all day yesterday, and the plan was for him to meet me at the wedding reception after they were finished. The wedding was at the Bilmar Beach Resort.



It was mid-afternoon and sunny (yay!), so we all hung out in the shade by the pool or in the lobby until just before time for the ceremony.


Then everyone headed out to the beach.



There was another wedding happening just down the beach as well…


I am no longer part of the “wedding every month” demographic, so it had been a while since I attended a wedding. It was so sweet and moving. The couples’ teenage children were all the attendants.


When the bride appeared…


people were spectating from their hotel balconies.


My friend Andrea looked so happy and beautiful.


Andrea and Dale’s vows were extremely moving. I know there was not a dry eye in attendance.


I sat with my friends, the Turtles.


Time to party!


The wedding had a “Key West” theme, and each table was named after a street in Key West.


The wedding cake was gorgeous…


and the groom’s cake was a sand castle…cool!


Andrea and her friends and family painted all these “faux” shutters that surrounded the banquet hall to complete the Key West feeling. Somebody had to point that out to me before I even noticed that they weren’t real shutters.


This is my friend Molly. We were practically wearing the same dress (same color, same fabric).


Me and Jesse…


And I’m sure this falls under the “shouldn’t put on the blog” category, but whatever. The cranberry vodkas were really good.


The food was awesome as well…pulled pork, fish (mahi?) with some sort of topping that included banana chips, black beans and rice, conch fritters, roasted veggies and salad. I ate way too much, as usual.


Champagne toast!


Chad showed up just in time for cake. His team lost the pool tournament in the second round. I didn’t get a picture of Chad and me, but I did get one with the bride.


Congratulations to Andrea and Dale! Your wedding was beautiful and fun and I wish you a long and happy life together! Goodnight Bilmar Beach Resort.


This morning I went to the gym to pay penance for the indulgences of last night, as usual. I saw some of my IRunMommies friends at the gym…should have taken a picture. Hi Carlise and Heather!

First up was 45 minutes on the elliptical…


then Bodypump.


After the gym the boys and I went by Publix, because I needed to get a few things to make some goodies for two events I have coming up this afternoon and evening. I didn’t take any Publix pictures, but if I had they would have looked exactly like the ones from yesterday.


When we got home I made my goodies (picture tomorrow if I remember), had lunch, and then I got a text from my friend Tanya inviting the boys over to play. Thank you Tanya!


Chad is gone to a movie (Prometheus) with one of his buddies right now, but he’ll be getting home and I’ll be leaving for a Tampa Bay Lady Blogger meet-up. We are meeting at Curtis Hixon Park in Tampa to hang out a little and then do yoga in the park. After I get home from that I am going over to a friend’s house to watch the season premiere of True Blood!


Can’t wait. I’ll give you the run-down on all of that tomorrow.

It does seem like Chad and I have been ships passing in the night this weekend, but sometimes that’s just the way it is. We like to do things together, but we also like to do our own things and we support each other in all of our many activities. We have been married for 18 1/2 years and really have a very strong marriage. I think that the guiding principal for each of us is that we want the other one to be happy, and so far it has worked. Thank you honey!

Gotta go shower and finish prepping my goodies for my two events. Hope you had a great weekend!