This and that Tuesday

June 12, 2012 at 1:35 pm

I did end up going on the family evening walk last night. I haven’t gone with them in quite a while, even though they still go most nights.


The combination of my hurt hip, working out so much during the day, and other evening activities has kept me from it. But it was nice to go last night. Our “family evening walks” are just over a mile and a half and we’ve been doing them basically since Cal was old enough for the Baby Bjorn carrier…like a couple of months old, I think. It’s a great time for Chad to unwind from the work day and for the boys to tell them all about school or their summer day activities.

After the boys went to bed Chad and I watched more of The Hatfields & McCoys on Tivo. It just seems like all of the McCoys are terribly, terribly stupid. The whole thing is stupid, but since it’s basically history from where our family is from (rural eastern KY), it is still interesting. Plus, the cast is so amazing. I know everybody has already watched it, but we’re only about half way through the mini-series.

This morning was swim team…getting into the routine.


Both of the boys are doing great. I’m especially proud of Mack, who has never really done a ton of lap swimming. He is doing awesome.

After swimming we headed to the gym.

I did 10 minutes on the elliptical, one (sub-10! fast for me!) mile on the treadmill, then another 10 minutes on the elliptical.


My hip is hurting. Not bad, but still. I’m running anyway. I’m planning to make an appointment with an orthopedist that a friend recommended. We were talking at the wedding that I went to last weekend, and it sounds like she had the EXACT same issue as me. She is also a half-marathoner. Painful hip, painful even to sleep on that side. The ortho diagnosed her with bursitis (just like my friend Mary the physical therapist diagnosed me with), and told her she didn’t have to stop running! He gave her some steroid therapy for the inflammation, taught her some stretches, and told her to stop using the elliptical and stairmaster (drats). Anyway, she had great results and her pain is much, much better. I need to call him. And maybe I should stop using the elliptical.

Next up was Bodyflow.


I forgot my yoga mats and had to use some of the stinky gym mats. I survived.

After the gym the boys and I headed to the post office to mail Father’s Day stuff.


Post office karma! No line!

Then we went to Publix.


I got deli subs for the boys and they sat and ate lunch while I shopped.


Yesterday I put out the call on Facebook for awesome crock-pot recipes. Thanks to everyone who gave me some great recommendations! I’m going to refer back to that status update every Tuesday. I decided to go with a recipe recommended by one of my high school friends, Angie.

pulled pork Angie

Thanks Angie! When we got home I put everything in the crockpot (I’m going to cook it for 4 1/2 hours on high instead of 7 hours on low). I’m actually going out to dinner with my friend Ali tonight, but the boys will have pulled pork sandwiches tonight and then we’ll have it as leftovers again tomorrow. I have a yummy-sounding cabbage recipe I’m going to make to go with it tomorrow.

Now I have to shower and then the boys have karate. After karate we have to run by Shore Acres pool again for them to get their team swimsuits. Then I’ll be fixing their dinner and heading out to pick up Ali after Chad gets home. I’m really excited about the restaurant that we are going to. Fill you in tomorrow!