Week one Wednesday

June 13, 2012 at 2:31 pm

We’re half way through the first week of summer break!

Last night I met up with my friend Ali to go out to dinner, and apparently we had a uniform.


Not to be deterred by the fact that we looked like a couple of mom convicts or something, we headed out Thelma & Louise style in Ali’s mom’s convertible.


Our destination was Alésia Restaurant which I had been dying to try after reading all the awesome reviews on Yelp.


Alésia is a French Vietnamese restaurant, and it was not very crowded on a Tuesday evening.


Since it was nearing sunset we decided to sit outside in the courtyard, which was really lovely.


We sat right next to this bamboo fountain.


We ordered a carafe of the green tea with a hint of citrus, which was really refreshing on a warm summer evening.


We decided to share the summer rolls and the prosciutto salad to start. We added pork to the shrimp rolls and they were delicious with the peanut dipping sauce.



Our server was awesome and brought the prosciutto salad out on two plates since she knew we intended to share it. We didn’t even ask! That is excellent service right there.



This salad was AMAZING. I think it might have been the best salad I have ever had. Why don’t I ever make fancy salads like this at home?

For my entrée I chose the baby bok choy with shrimp.



It was light and delicious. The cilantro really gave it something special.

Ali had the roasted veggie open faced sandwich, which she said was great. Looks good, huh?



As the sun set the twinkle lights on the patio became apparent, and the courtyard was really a nice place to hang out and enjoy the evening.


Since we both felt like our dinner had been light, we decided to split the walnut and banana bread pudding which came with vanilla bean ice cream.



The dessert was very good, but I still have to give props to Three Birds Tavern for having the best bread pudding I’ve tried in St. Pete yet.

Ali and I really enjoyed our dinner and had a great time hanging out and talking. I can’t wait to go back to Alésia again and try something else. Check out all of the amazing photos and descriptions on Yelp. Everything looks so good.


When I got home from our evening out, Chad and I watched one episode of Girls and one episode of 2 Broke Girls on Tivo. I guess it was a “girls” kind of television night for us.

This morning the boys and I headed to the gym. They are already sick of the gym, but just have to suck it up. They will be in camp next week (and several other weeks this summer) and won’t have to go. Otherwise, Mama needs her gym time.

First up was spin class.


Then Bodypump.


Several people have suggested to me that maybe I needed new shoes as one possible thing to try to help my hip. I have trained for and ran (well, ran and/or walked) two half marathons and many other races in my last two pairs, so I agreed and ordered a new pair of my beloved Adidas Adistar Salvation 3’s from Ebay. They are an old color, thus were only $79 versus $140 for the new season’s. The only difference is the color. I kind of like this bright blue.



They felt good at Bodypump and I’ll be giving them a short running trial soon, but I know they’ll be great since I’ve already had this exact shoe before and loved it.

Speaking of running, I received my full new training plan from Trainer Chris this morning. I’m going to be going through it tomorrow and watching all the instructional videos that are included with it. Hopefully I’ll be officially starting the new plan very soon…as soon as I have digested the whole thing and watched all the videos. I’m meeting with Chris on Tuesday to go over it and address any questions I might have. Exciting!

I also made an appointment to see an orthopedist Tuesday afternoon. I’m going to have x-rays and the whole nine yards, so we’ll see what he has to say about my hip. My friends have suggested chiropractic and acupuncture, and I have to say that eventually I may be willing to try anything, but I’m going to go the traditional medicine route first and see if I can get any relief.

I don’t think I mentioned it on the blog, but I know I plastered it all over Facebook…my Ragnar Relay Florida Keys team (The Real Housewives of Pinellas County) officially picked runner positions! I am going to be runner #5, with a total distance of 13.8 miles. I really wanted to do more than a half marathon so that it would be a personal distance record for me, so I am very happy with my position. My legs include 3.8 miles departing Miami metro, 7 miles through Key Largo, and 3 miles through the National Key Deer Refuge. I’m psyched about that, as well as the prospect of 48 hours in a van with five other sweaty women. Can’t wait!

In just a few minutes we are heading out to afternoon swim team practice for the boys. Dinner will be leftover pulled pork and a cabbage recipe that I’ll share tomorrow if it turns out good. I think I’m going to go on the family evening walk with the boys again tonight if it doesn’t rain.

Happy hump day!