Yesterday and today

June 21, 2012 at 2:14 pm

So what did I do yesterday?

I took my first dose of Prednisone before breakfast, as directed.


I drove the boys to Pioneer Camp.


Playing with mouse traps is a favorite Pioneer Camp activity, but those things make me nervous.


Basically yesterday was a repeat of Monday. Once home I loaded up my bike with all of my gear for the day and headed to the gym.


I did Trainer Chris’ workout. On Monday I just went through each of the exercises for both workouts (he has a workout A and a workout B), as well as all of the mobility, stretching, and warm-up exercises. I wanted to try every exercise in the plan so that I would know what I had questions about when we were supposed to meet on Tuesday. Since our meeting got canceled, today I decided to forge ahead and try to do a full workout.

Here is the schedule I am supposed to use:


I have lots of questions about all this that I need to talk to Chris about, but I’m just going to do the best I can for now until we can get together. Ignoring the days of the week on the schedule, I decided to do a full Strength Workout A yesterday. First I went through the Mobility, Stretch, and Warm-up routines.



Doing all of that actually took quite a while. From the schedule it looks like you are only supposed to do the mobility/stretch/warm-up on the cardio days, not the strength days.


But it also says “Warm up for all workouts”, so maybe I am supposed to do the warm-up on strength days, but not the mobility/stretch. I’m not sure…this is one of the questions that I have. Regardless, I did all of it yesterday, then on to Workout A.


A different view of my gym…not the group fitness room!


All together it was a good workout, especially the conditioning routine (hello 55 burpees!). Here’s everything that I did, if you can decipher what I wrote:


The whole thing took an hour and a half, but I know that includes the learning curve of having to refer back to my papers constantly. Once I am accustomed to the workout I’m sure it will go much more quickly. Plus, like I said, I don’t think I’m supposed to do the Mobility/Stretching part on strength days.

After my ModelFit workout, I changed into my bathing suit and sunscreened up at the gym, then headed out on my bike to North Shore Pool.

The long trek down the bike path on First Street…




I stopped at Coffee Pot Park to have lunch #1 and take my second dose of steroids.



I ate this “Super Banana Smoothie” that I got in the Macaroni Kids Family Fitness swag box from their “America’s Fittest Family” contest.


I’m pretty sure this is baby food, but it has six grams of protein and wasn’t terrible.


Then it was on to the pool.






I ended up doing 1200 yards, 3 X 400 IM.


As I sat by the water to dry off a bit I noticed some dark clouds coming across the bay from Tampa.


It was pretty windy and I could see bands of rain over the bay. I decided that I better head on home rather than lay there and dry more.


I even put the rain cover over Star’s saddle bags, just in case.


It was super windy…check out the palms.


I did hit a few sprinkles as I left the waterfront. When I was about a mile and a half from home some guy passed me on a bike, and I decided that I would use him as a pacer to get me home more quickly. I kept up with him for about 3/4 of a mile before he turned off. When I was about a half mile from home it started raining a bit harder and I also ran into some high-tide flooding…


That’s solely from high-tide, as we had not had much rain at that point. This is typical in my neighborhood which is basically at sea level. Occasionally we just have really high tides and they come up through the drains in the gutters. When we have storms that hit right at high tide, especially if it’s an astronomically high tide, then we get major flooding.

Anyway, I made it home and had lunch #2.


My friend Tanya picked the boys up from camp yesterday, and I met them all at swim team practice. It was team picture day.



After the photographer took the “individual” picture of Cal and Mack, I asked them to let me take one and this is what they gave me:


They were wiped out after being at camp all day and then having swim practice. You can tell how much fun they had a camp by the state of their clothes at the end of the day. They are wet and look like this every day:


I make them take everything off on the porch before they can enter the house and then they get straight in the shower.

That’s all of the pictures that I took yesterday, so I have no idea what else happened, if anything.

Today I had a full car of boys to take to Pioneer Camp.



They are having so much fun this week.


After I dropped off the boys at camp I didn’t have time to go back home before an appointment that I had, so I stopped by Dunkin’ Donuts to grab some breakfast.


I got a mini bacon, egg, and cheese wrap and plain oatmeal with dried fruit. And of course, the best coffee ever. It was a good breakfast for about $5.

Then it was on to my appointment…physical therapy session number one.


The initial torture chamber…



The guy in charge talked to me for a while and did some initial assessments (push up with your leg here, push down with your leg here, etc.) and then wrote out a therapy plan that another PT executed. This was in the larger torture chamber…



I did a bunch of single-leg exercises like single leg squats, glute presses, and calf raises. Then he made me do walking lunges and a bunch of stuff utilizing resistance bands. Then came the torturous foam rolling and him manually stretching me. Pain! All of which was followed by 15 or 20 minutes of icing.


It wasn’t too bad and I’ve already scheduled my next three appointments. I hope it is all worth it!

In a little bit I’m going to pick up the boys from camp and take them to karate. Then I’m going to make them bathe a little in the bathroom sinks at karate and I’m dragging them to an event. It’s a tweet-up at Anthony’s Coal-Fired Pizza in Tampa. When I asked if kids could come, Anthony’s replied that kids were welcome but they anticipated it to be a mostly-adult event. I promised I would beat the kids thoroughly before we arrived, so that will be happening. They better behave! I’ll let you know tomorrow.

Hey…I’m actually caught up to the present moment on the blog! Miracle! Now if I could just get caught up on the laundry and if you could see more than a two square foot piece of floor in my house anywhere, I’d be all good. Something always has to give.