PT and swim Friday

June 22, 2012 at 7:59 pm

Tomorrow is going to be EPIC! So right now I am staying home while the boys are out on the family evening walk to try to get today blogged and out of the way.

This morning Val drove the boys to camp so I got to hang out in my pajamas for a little while longer. After breakfast I headed to my second physical therapy session.


Love this Helen Keller quote that they have on the wall inside the PT office:


Not that my suffering compares to so many. My suffering is very minor and if I didn’t want to continue running, I could easily just live with it until it got better on its own. Anyway…

They start with a ten minute warm up on the recumbent bike, just to get my hip loosened up.


Then right leg only presses, right leg only calf raises, monster walking (resistance bands around ankles and walking with feet wide apart while holding a squat position…very attractive), walking lunges, hip bridges up and down with feet on an exercise ball, opening and closing knees with feet together with a resistance band around knees while holding a bridge, foam rolling just on the right IT band (from hip to knee…the second to worst part), then manual stretching (the worst part). That’s it. Does that sound right Margaret (my high school friend who is a PT)? Then icing for 15 minutes.


I asked the PT if I could work out while doing therapy, and he basically said if it feels okay then it’s okay. I’m not running (well, not today anyway…), but I really wanted to take advantage of the kids’ last day at camp. So after PT I drove to North Shore Pool.


All of the pics taken with my phone are very tall and skinny. I did 2500 yards today for a total of 1.42 miles. That was 6 X 400 IM + 1 X 100 IM, in about an hour. It felt great. Then I laid by the water for about ten minutes to dry off before heading home.


At home I ate lunch and worked on my TBO tweet-up blog post until time to go pick up the boys from camp. Friday is notoriously the dirtiest, messiest, most fun day at Pioneer Camp.


I got there a couple of minutes early so I could take pictures and the kids were all still out in the Pioneer Settlement.


It’s so pretty out there.





When I reached the kids they were being hosed off with a fire hose.








This was totally necessary since today’s activities included “pudding wars”. That is exactly what it sounds like.


The kids got to bring home all the stuff they made during the week.

They screen-printed their own t-shirts.


They made door-hanger hooks with the blacksmith.


They also made fishing baskets out of palm fronds.


They changed into dry clothes that I had packed for them and we piled in the car to head home. But not before Mack left his mark…


They had a great week. We love Boyd Hill summer camps and especially Pioneer Camp!

For dinner we had leftover Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza (awesome) and broccoli (also awesome), and the boys went with Chad to walk. That’s it for today.

Before I forget, I wanted to mention that I received two great e-mails this week. One was to inform me that I have been selected as a FitFluential Ambassador!

I’m really excited about that and hopefully it will bring me some fun opportunities and cool stuff for the blog. I have lots of #FitFluential friends, and I’m so happy to be in the club.

The other e-mail was to inform me that I was invited to the Yelp Tampa Bay Elite Squad!

yelp Elite

That means I get this cute little “12 Elite badge on my profile.

yelp profile elite

I even like the tiny icon…

yelp icon

This also means fun opportunities and cool stuff for the blog. Well, all of it means cool stuff for my LIFE, which ends up on the blog. It’s been a good week.

And the awesomeness continues tomorrow. This is on deck…

prison break

Oh yeah. Can’t wait.