Housebound by TS Debby

June 25, 2012 at 3:03 pm

We had torrential rains all day yesterday and all last night. Nobody has been able to leave the house today. Chad is working from home.


Our block is just slightly higher than all of the surrounding neighborhood, so we have a visible median running down our street. Most of the neighborhood streets are completely under water.


The water is really gross. It’s full of bacteria (hello dog poop) and critters (snakes don’t like to stay in flooded ground).


Initially Chad would not let the boys step foot in it, but they wanted to go exploring so badly. Finally he relented and said we could go out and walk around, but they had to take showers and scrub down as soon as we came back inside. Lots of other people were out also.


Some people were actually driving through the water, but mostly big trucks and van. Tons of utility vehicles were out.





This guy stopped and talked to us for a few minutes:


He used the term “flesh-eating bacteria” three times in a two minute conversation. We started walking back home at that point.





I don’t know why I had to take a picture of every truck that passed. Our neighborhood is one of the most notorious for flooding in St. Pete, so whenever there are floods all the city trucks flock here.

One of Chewie’s frenemies was out and about.


His owner said he was loving it and refusing to go back inside.


I don’t know what Chewie would have thought, but I didn’t want to give him a bath so we didn’t try to take him out in it.


My Cathy McKyton sign weathered the tropical storm.




Here’s a short video I shot while we were walking around…

Sorry if my voice is too loud!

The boys are watching Cowboys and Aliens right now and we are just planning to hang out. It’s not raining now and the sun has actually been out off and on today, but the storm is still over Florida and the gulf and keeping the water levels high.


It doesn’t seem to be moving very quickly, so I hope that we can get out of the neighborhood tomorrow! The boys are missing karate and I am missing a physical therapy appointment this afternoon. We need to get out of here!