Debby Downer Tuesday

June 26, 2012 at 2:56 pm

We had lots of plans for this week. Swim Team. The gym. The beach. But now we have gotten quite used to seeing this view from our house:



We are lucky that we have a dry strip down the median and no water in our house, unlike some of my friends.

Here are a few more pictures that I actually took yesterday, although it still looks just like this today.

The Z’s…



Crazy people driving through the water…


this is so bad for your car. It’s salt water.


Flood Acres.




Chad went out to assess the situation this morning before deciding he could not go in to work again. He’s working from home. He took these with his cell phone:


The problem is that the stupid storm is hardly moving. It is just sitting there in the gulf blowing high winds into Tampa Bay so that the tide can’t go out.


The forecast model:


Okay, that’s a joke, but the real forecast has it moving excruciatingly slowly and making landfall just north of us sometime tomorrow.


Thus, we may still be housebound again tomorrow! I hope not. I really need to get some exercise and I NEVER EVER work out at home. I mean, I know that I could, but it would just be so weird. I have brought up the idea of a Wii Dance Party, but the boys are not into it.

So far we have done nothing but lay around in our pajamas for two days.



Movies have been watched (Goonies is on right now) and video games have been played.


Plus, a Wii Dance Party would require some cleaning up, and that isn’t happening so far either.


All my friends keep Facebooking that their houses are now spotless after being stuck at home for two days. Clearly, I don’t have that gene. But I have been doing laundry!


With a lack of anything remotely interesting to post on Instagram (enough with the flood pictures already!), I did photograph my food. So far today…



Egg, feta, and spinach on whole wheat bread.



Spinach and romaine salad with sweet peppers, hard-boiled egg, feta, and blue cheese dressing.

I’m trying not to eat all day long like I did yesterday. I have exactly one month until my 25th high school reunion. I can do some good in that month if I just stop eating constantly!

Thank goodness we have power. It did go out for a couple of hours in the middle of the night last night (the winds have been crazy fierce), but thankfully came back on before we got up this morning. I’ve been pretty much living on social media for the past 48 hours. Sorry if my status updates and tweets are becoming annoying. My friend Andi shared this on FB today:


Somebody needs to remind the FDA about their old propaganda! Looks good to me.

Speaking of food, I know several of you mentioned that you would love a Yonanas machine. One of my #Fitfluential comrades is giving one away on her blog…check it out!


Head over to Daily Bites from the Pure Kitchen to enter to win! We have been loving ours this summer.

That’s all I got. Go away Debby! We’re sick of you!