Smashed pinky Friday

June 29, 2012 at 3:38 pm

This morning Mack asked if I could make pancakes for breakfast. We are out of any kind of mix, so I just made them from scratch. I used the recipe for Griddle Cakes from The Joy of Cooking and switched out 2/3 of the all-purpose flour for whole wheat. They turned out great!


After breakfast I went to physical therapy and dragged the boys with me.


They brought activities to keep them occupied in the waiting area for an hour. Times like these are when I am glad they are not toddlers anymore. Well, I’m glad about that 99% of the time.


Physical therapy torture chamber:


After physical therapy we went to the gym.




I smashed my pinky in between some plates at Bodypump.


You can see the purple dot on my pinky nail, but that was right after it happened. Now it is much more purple and every “P” I type hurts.

After the gym, to reward the boys for enduring two hours of “mommy stuff”, we went to Evos for lunch.



I got the Championburger (veggie burger) and airfries. So so good. I also love that they have caffeine free Diet Coke.


I especially love the specialty ketchups.


After lunch we came home and I had a phone call with Trainer Chris. Things are still rolling along on the Peak Fitness, ModelFit front. Chris has devised an eight week program that I will be starting the week of July 9th. Between now and then I am figuring out the workouts and asking questions. Of course I’ll post any of the new plan’s workouts that I do and everything associated with the program. I’m still excited to get started. I’ll be working with a nutritionist also.

This afternoon we have just been hanging out at home. Joey Z. is over here. Do you know what Cal is up to now?


Yeah, me neither.

I’m going to make an early dinner (something super fancy like chicken nuggets and broccoli) because the boys have a swim meet tonight. I have TONS of fun plans for the weekend. Like, two events each day. I’m excited. Hope I can squeeze in some time for blogging somewhere.

Happy weekend!