Magic Mike and now it’s Tuesday

July 3, 2012 at 1:13 pm

After our fabulous Chevy Fit4Life tour on Sunday, Christie, Kimi, and I walked a couple of short blocks to CineBistro in Hyde Park to meet a rather large contingent of IRunMommies. We now know how to get a good turn-out for an IRunMommies event…include naked men on the agenda.


I was actually not feeling really great at this point. I think I overdid it last weekend with the awesomeness, and by the end of the Chevy event I had a headache and just felt pretty bad. However, after getting into the air conditioning, drinking a REAL (HFCS and all) Coke, I started to rally. I had been planning to have a couple of cocktails, but since I was feeling bad I wasn’t sure it was a good idea. I just stuck to the caffeine and sugar.

20120701-IMAG0937My girl Ali and me.

CineBistro is awesome. They have a full bar and an upscale menu, and the seats are super-comfy and include a swivel tray for your meal.


Some of these photos were taken with my cell phone (super crappy) and some were taken with my DSLR and no remote flash (kind of crappy). All of the good ones were taken by my friend Carrie Pratt, an awesome “wedding photojournalist”. Check out her stuff at Simply Blue Studios. This is Carrie in the foreground…oh, and she’s like 40 weeks pregnant too.


We had over 20 IRunMommies in attendance and pretty much took up the front two rows of the theater. There was definitely a party going on in our rows.




For my entrée I went with comfort food. I had checked out the menu beforehand and thought of a couple of gourmet-ish things I might want to try, but when it came down to it I felt like I needed a burger to help me feel better.


It was awesome and totally did the trick. I’m thinking I didn’t eat enough throughout the day on Sunday, and that combined with the heavy-duty bootcamp workout and the heat and humidity just wiped me out. After my burger and fries, I felt pretty good again.

The movie was fun. Definitely not enough Joe Manganiello…


but how could there ever be? The storyline was just okay, but we really enjoyed it since much of it was filmed in Tampa Bay and the story itself is supposed to take place in Tampa. One of our local St. Pete dive bars (Wilson’s) was used as the storefront for the male strip club in the movie. The inside of the bar in the movie, however, is definitely NOT the inside of Wilson’s. Anyway, it was fun.


The after-party was even more fun.

My friend Megan organized the whole event, and called it “Male Objectification Day”. We had an ongoing male objectification contest on our Facebook event page leading up to movie night. After the movie, she gave out awards for the contest.




I won an award too, but I won’t tell you what it was for. Let’s just say that everybody else got a little trophy, but I got “lei’d”.




All of the award winners:


I love all of you ladies! You are the best.

I was so wiped out after the movie. Thank you so much for driving Christie! After my busy weekend my hip was hurting also. I decided that yesterday would be a “down” day. We still had stuff to do, however.

Before 9 a.m. yesterday I dropped the boys off at swim team practice…


had blood drawn for a doctor’s appointment next week…

20120702-IMG_6689(Yes, I’m wearing the same dress from the night before. Shut up. It was early.)


went by Rollin’ Oats to pick up some breakfast (fasting beforehand for blood draw) and prepared salads to have later…


and picked the boys up from swim practice. I also got their ribbons from the swim meet on Friday.


When we got home I made strawberries and chocolate chip Yonanas for a post-swim snack.



The rest of the day I didn’t take any pictures so I guess nothing happened. I told you…it was a “down” day. Today has been a “down” day so far also. I took the boys to swim again, but didn’t take a picture. I did take Yonanas pictures. Maybe this will just turn into a frozen fruit snack blog. Today we made bananas, blueberries, and chocolate chips.


Mack is my trooper.


The rest of the day I can’t be lazy. This afternoon I have physical therapy while the boys have karate. I’m not looking forward to PT because my hip still hurts today. I’m so mad at it. I don’t know if it was the short run before the bootcamp, the bootcamp itself, or wearing heels for seven hours on Sunday. They were comfy heels, but I hadn’t realized how long I would be wearing them when I didn’t pack some flats for the day. Grrrrr. Stupid hip.

I also have to do go to Publix and do some housework. We are having friends over tomorrow to celebrate the holiday. They are the kind of friends who don’t care how messy my house is (pretty much the only kind of friends I have), but don’t want to subject them to my bathroom in its current state. So I’m cleaning that.

Better stop being lazy and go be productive…