Bon Voyage Sunday

July 8, 2012 at 6:07 pm

The past week has been sort of a blur of inactivity. I mean, all the usual stuff happened. We went to Target a few times.


Actually we spent a good part of the week getting stuff together for Cal to go to sleep away camp next week. He needed a second pair of sneakers.


We spun the wheel at Shoe Carnival, but had no luck there.


We did luck out, however, on one of our many trips to Target.


Skater style sneakers on clearance! The black ones are by Shaun White and were only $12! We also found Cal some “water/hiker” type sandals to use as water shoes.


Also on clearance…yippee skippee! Four pairs of boys shoes on clearance.


We also had to buy a twin fitted sheet and they were on sale.


I love Target.

We also bought Cal his first cell phone.


Don’t ask me why we went with this phone. Chad did the research, and for what we want it for and considering the plan he and I currently have, this was the best option. I’m sure you got a better deal than me somewhere. Congratulations!

Randomly pulling pictures off of my phone, apparently we went to lunch at Subway one day last week.


I think I Instagram’d that one, so my stalkers fans know what day that was.

One day I had this for breakfast:


Anyway, it was a week of swim team and physical therapy and errands and meals. But not much exercise other than physical therapy twice. Physical therapy definitely is exercise, but not as much as I am used to. I felt so tired and burnt out at the beginning of the week, and I let that feeling stretch on too long. So this morning I went back to the gym for the first time in over a week.

I’ve actually been a little apprehensive and a little excited about going back to the gym after being away this past week, since the takeover of my Lifestyle Family Fitness by L.A. Fitness was official on July 2nd. Things have already started changing.




I never used the tanning machines anyway. Out with the old and in with the new.


For now it looks like all my favorite classes are still there, and so are most of the instructors. I couldn’t do a class today because I only had an hour at the gym and had to be home earlier than I normally am after Sunday Bodypump. So today I did 20 minutes on the elliptical, ran/walked one mile on the treadmill, then 5 more minutes on the elliptical.


I wore my Chevy Fit 4 Life Tour t-shirt to the gym. That event was really the last time I got a good workout…a week ago exactly.


I took a few photos randomly of the gym with the Lifestyle signs just to be nostalgic. I know that things are going to look different around here soon.




I was a member of Lifestyles for almost four years and I really liked it. I am going to miss @myLFF. But I am also kind of excited to see how L.A. Fitness will be different. Maybe it will be awesome.

The reason I had to get home earlier than normal is that we were all going to a Yelp event for lunch.


This was an “Unofficial Yelp Event” which just means that it was organized by a Yelp community member (anybody with an account) and Yelp community members were invited. Anyone on the Yelp website could come. You gotta Yelp!



Elizabeth B. did an awesome job organizing this event at Hula Bay Club.


Brett, the Yelp Tampa Bay Community Manager, was there with all the awesome Yelp swag.


The wait staff was very attentive to us and soon we all had drinks…


and they brought huge platters of appetizers to the tables for everyone to share.


The kids really loved the grouper nuggets and firecracker shrimp. I tried a grouper nugget, a crab cake and a peel-and-eat shrimp.


They were all good, but the crab cake was my favorite. It was crispy but light on the inside and had great seasoning.

Just after we placed our orders, they brought out this beautiful plate of sushi for everyone to try…


The branch and frog are “painted” on the plate with sauces and condiment for the sushi! So cool. And delicious.

I tried one of the tuna rolls because the other roll looked just like what I had ordered as my entrée…


The “Paradise” roll.


It was as amazing as it looks.


So good.

Chad had a grouper sandwich, which he said was good but not the best ever. The boys had BBQ sliders and thick cut fries. They were impressed, especially with the fries.



I enjoyed hanging out with my Yelp friends and I think Chad and the boys enjoyed their first Yelp event.


As soon as Cal is old enough for an account, I’ll have him writing reviews.


We need more Yelpers in St. Pete so that we can have more events in St. Pete!

The rest of the day has been spent getting Cal all packed for camp. We have to leave early in the morning to drive him there. He’s excited and Mack is excited to be an only child all week. Weekend’s almost over.