Sweating and Eating Monday, July 9

July 9, 2012 at 6:34 pm

Today I am starting something new with my workouts and eating. I think while I am trying to figure out what I am doing with my new workouts and diet, I’m going to write separate blog posts about that part of my day. Or at least I’m doing that right now. When things get crazy busy who knows what I’ll do? Hopefully I’ll figure out a time to blog about the other fun things going on, besides sweating and eating.

Today was the first day of Trainer ChrisLean Body Blueprint program. He has designed an eight week course to “equip participants with the tools necessary to bust through body composition plateaus and achieve and maintain new levels of leanness”. The couple of times that I have met with Chris and done his workouts on my own were prep work for beginning this program. I’m kind of nervous about actually letting my beloved Les Mills classes go. But with the changes happening at my gym since it was bought by LA Fitness, I’m not sure how long my classes will be there anyway.

The first two weeks of the program are intended to build basic fitness and kick-start fat loss through the nutrition plan.

The basic plan looks like this:


For today’s workout, I did this:


Mobility and warm-up:


Beginner workout routine:


By the end of my workout I had a bunch more scribbles all over the paper. Obviously I have a few questions about some things, but basically this is what I did:

Beginner workout: Monday, 7/9/12

Mobility and warm-up routines as listed above, except:
With the foam rolling, I only did 10 complete rolls on each muscle group. 30 each would have taken forever! The entire mobility and warm-up routine took me about 35 minutes to complete. I think with the learning curve I could eventually do the whole thing much more quickly. I’m going to have to build up to foam rolling 30 complete rolls on each muscle group.

Circuit One:
1. Elbow plank hold – 60 seconds
2. Side plank hold – 60 seconds on each side
3. Glute bridge hold – 60 seconds

I did not repeat Circuit One, as the instructions did not say to do so. But this is a question I had…just one set of each? Should there be three sets of each? Two?

Circuit two:
1. Lat pull-down – 12 reps/50#
2. Push up hold (the link just went to a basic push-up tutorial, so I just did pushups) – 12 on toes
3. Split squat hold (the link went to a bridge tutorial, so because the picture looked like lunges, I just did static lunges) – 12 on each leg
4. Moving bridge – 12

I did three complete sets of Circuit Two, per the instructions.

Conditioning- 10 to 1 (burpees was listed in the graphic above as part of Circuit Two, but I’m almost positive that it was supposed to be part of conditioning, as that is what an earlier version of my workout said. So I included it in the four possible choices for conditioning exercises…medicine ball slam, burpees, shoulder taps, squats).

I chose to do shoulder taps and burpees for my 10 to 1 exercises. You do ten reps of each exercise, then 9 reps of each exercise, then 8, and so on (that’s 55 burpees! ouch).
1. Time to complete- 12 minutes, 25 seconds

The whole workout, including mobility, warm-up, and conditioning took about an hour, forty minutes. I’m sure once I am more familiar with the work-out that it will go much faster. Since I had twenty more minutes of allowable time for Mack to stay in the child care, I finished my workout with 20 minutes on the elliptical.


Tonight I plan to go on the family evening walk, which is about 1.6 miles. So that’s it for the work-out portion of my day.

On to nutrition!

I’m still confused about some of the nutrition stuff, but basically it is a “Flexible Carbohydrate Diet”. Here’s the basic idea (blurry screenshot, sorry):


Since I want to lose weight, and since we are in the first two week “bootcamp” portion of the program, I am trying to stick to the 1200 calories “flexible” plan. I’m really going by the “flexible” nature of this and using their recommended weekly diet as a blueprint for what I’m eating. Here is the “example” one-week plan:

diet calendar

I don’t know if you can read that (it might get bigger if you click on it…a little), but I’m just trying to make what I eat roughly equivalent to what is recommended. For example, today’s breakfast said “Small Western Omelet”. Here’s what I had:


Eggbeaters and turkey breakfast sausage. I would have put salsa on top, but my salsa was expired and also frozen from being shoved to the back of the fridge. So I just put some Frank’s hot sauce on top. Around 200 calories, and skim milk in my coffee, around 30 calories.

Lunch on the example calendar says “meal size salad”. Mack and I went to Evos for lunch and I got the Spicy Thai & Crispy Chicken salad.


From the Evos website:


So 350 calories for lunch.

Snack 1 above says “Yogurt & Berries”. Mack and I went to Menchie’s, a new yogurt shop in our neighborhood, and I got the low-carb flavors of frozen yogurt, and put only fresh strawberries and blueberries on top.


This is a reasonable swap, right? I know that frozen yogurt is not nutritionally equivalent to actual yogurt, but whatever…flexible! I chose the orange vanilla (not creamsicle) and strawberry, both of which were low-carb, no-fat, no-sugar added.


Here are the nutritionals on the yogurt I got (from the Menchie’s website):


The orange vanilla is not listed, but since I know it was no sugar added (per the labeling), the most it could have been was 135 calories per half cup. I’m thinking I had less than half of a cup of each flavor, but I’m going to estimate 215 calories for the yogurt and 50 calories for the fruit. So 265 calories for Snack 1.

Calories so far today (breakfast, lunch, snack 1): 845, so I have 355 calories left before I hit 1200.

Dinner on the sample calendar says “12 spears asparagus, 3 oz. chicken breast”…and tada!


I colored inside the lines! Chicken was 140 calories, asparagus 40 calories. So dinner was 180 calories which brings me up to 1025, 175 left for snack #2 later. I went ahead and prepped it so I’m good to go.

Snack #2 on the example calendar says “celery with peanut butter”. I used some Chia Charger that I had, which is peanut/cashew butter with chia seeds mixed in. I used my kitchen scale to weigh out exactly 200 calories worth, so I’ll call snack #2 215 calories.


So that gets me to 1240 calories today. Well, you know. Sort of exactly 1200. Kind of. As exact as I can get. Or as exact as I want to get. More exact that I probably will be tomorrow. And as close to “the plan” as I will likely ever get. I am going on vacation soon, so the “flexible” carb program will likely mean “veggies and drink specials”.

I will also eventually (once I can figure it out) be posting my workout and nutrition updates on the ModelFit forums.

Man, this was long and took forever. I will NOT be going into this detail every day. I’m just figuring this stuff out. If you read this far, you get a prize. My “before” pictures, taken today in the changing room at the gym.


The instructions on taking “before” pictures specifically says not to wear tight spandex, as it will make you seem thinner than you are. Sorry. This is as naked as I’m going to get for these photos and I don’t want to look fatter than this. I think they show LOTS of room for improvement. So tight spandex it is.