Appointments Tuesday

July 10, 2012 at 7:16 pm

Today was crazy. I had three appointments, which turned into four. I plan to write another “Sweating and Eating” post for today detailing my exercise and food, although it might not go up until tomorrow. Still have some eating to do. So to run down the day quickly…

Oops, last night first. We did have a very excited and happy phone call from Cal last night. He seems to be loving camp. Apparently they have really good food there, as he talked about that a bunch. He has already called tonight and it sounds like he’s having a great time.

I took a couple of photos on the family evening walk last night…


The Kona Ice truck came by playing loud tropical music through its external speakers. We get regular ice cream trucks and Kona Ice trucks in our neighborhood. We’ve never bought anything from either.


This morning after breakfast I took Mack to karate camp then headed straight to the doctor’s office for my 3-month recheck after my last appointment. She changed my cholesterol meds last time so I needed to be seen again sooner than usual (usually I go every six months or so).


I was only in the waiting room for a few minutes, but then I sat in the exam room FOREVER waiting.


It’s cruel to get you all excited, thinking you are being seen quickly, and then make you wait. I’d rather wait longer in the waiting room. Exam rooms are so boring.

My cholesterol looked good. In fact, I am going to start taking my meds only every other day instead of every day. She said M,W,F would be fine. My thyroid numbers were also fine. There was an issue with one of my liver enzymes being just slightly elevated (under 30 would be normal, mine was 33). I have had issues with elevated liver enzymes in the past…before I lost weight the last time in 2007. Since losing the weight, however, they have been normal.

My weight is not where I want it to be now. I know I need to lose at least 30 pounds (probably more like 40), but she said that the enzyme that was elevated is not one usually associated with “fatty liver”, which is what the gastroenterologist said it probably was before. There is a history in my family of a congenital (not contagious) form of hepatitis, so it is something that I have to stay on top of.

She wanted me to have blood drawn again for a hepatitis panel just to get a more detailed view of what is going on with my liver. She also wants me to have an abdominal ultrasound to look at my liver and gall bladder. More appointments! I’m trying to rush these so that I will have the results before I leave for vacation on Saturday. Otherwise, no alcohol for me Sad smile. Sorry, but that deserved an emoticon Chad. I seriously doubt it is any big deal at all, but doctors appointments always lead to more appointments. They like to cover their ass. I do like feeling like I am on top of what is going on with my body…not ignoring things.

I scheduled the ultrasound for Thursday morning (earliest possible) and she said they should have results on Friday and she will call me. I went directly to the lab to have blood drawn after my appointment.


Good times.


At least I didn’t have to wait very long at the nearby lab.


After getting blood drawn, I hurried home so I could squeeze in a workout before my next appointment. I did the mobility, stretching, and warm-up exercises of my ModelFit program in my “home gym”.


I never work out at home, so it seemed so strange. My instruments of torture:


My ModelFit workout program includes mobility, stretching, and warm-up exercises every day, regardless of what type of work out is on deck. This is so good for me, since my last physical therapy appointment will be Thursday and I need to keep doing the foam rolling and exercises I learned there on my own.

After I finished my at-home warm-up, I headed to the pool to fit in a swim.


After swimming, I headed straight to the fancy schmancy orthopedist’s office (with wet hair and smelling like chlorine). Second exam table of the day…


I didn’t have to wait long there at all, but it is nice that their exam rooms have a view.


I saw the orthopedist’s physician’s assistant again – the same one I saw last time. He is so nice and really understands an “athlete’s” mentality. He did not chastise me, but said he was not surprised that I am still having pain considering my level of activity. Although I have not been running much, I have been running a little. I did the Prison Break Mud Run, and the Chevy Fit4Life Tour bootcamp included a run. I have also snuck in a few short treadmill runs in the last month. I’m so scared not to do it at all! All of my other exercise could also be a factor in my continued hip pain, of course.

Basically he said that he wants me to try not to run AT ALL until my next appointment (1 month away). At that point it will be critical for me to start training for my fall half marathon. He said I can do the elliptical and swimming, and biking if it doesn’t feel like it is straining my hip (it never does). Basically, I can do anything but running. He said if my hip hurts the next day, then I should know not to do what I did the day before. He also wants me to take an NSAID called Meloxicam, but I need to check with my general practitioner about that first. He said it is not processed by the liver at all and should be fine, but I should clear it with her first. He also gave me a steroid injection in my hip.


Second stick of the day. Good thing I am not scared of needles. I’m used to being stuck regularly to have blood drawn for my thyroid and cholesterol medications.

He said I need to try to continue doing what I learned in physical therapy on my own. Some of it is included in the ModelFit mobility/stretching, so that’s good. I’m going to try to do the other PT exercises when I’m at the gym at least a couple of times a week. I have an appointment to go back in one month. If I’m pain-free then, I can cancel it. Or I can get one more steroid shot then.

I mentioned that I’m sure my hip would be less of an issue if I could drop some weight, but he said that my IT band issue is not weight-related! Yay! Finally something that is not weight-related. He said it is purely from overuse and that the only thing that is going to help is resting (well, for me that means not running) and continued therapy (hopefully on my own) to keep stretching the IT band and keep it loose.

I want to say again that my pain is not that severe. All this seems kind of over the top except for the fact that I WANT TO RUN! I want to run long distances, often this fall and winter. I hope I can do it!

Mirrored elevators at the medical plaza:


I booked it home after my ortho appointment because by now it was 2:00 p.m. and I had not had lunch. I was starving and needed to fit lunch in before my NEXT appointment. I inhaled a big salad in a half hour and then headed out to physical therapy.


Even Iron Girls need physical therapy sometimes.


The torture chamber:


After all my PT exercises, while I was icing…


the Grateful Dead’s “Truckin’” came on the radio station that was being broadcast in the PT gym. I just thought that was the perfect song for physical therapy. Just keep truckin’.

After physical therapy I picked Mack up from karate camp (in the same building!), and we headed home in the pouring rain. The family evening walk got rained out, but we did get our nightly phone call from Cal. We tried something new for dinner. I’ll put that in my “sweating and eating” post if I can get it written. Whew, it’s been a long day.