Sweating and eating Tuesday, July 10

July 10, 2012 at 8:39 pm


The ModelFit plan for today called for Mobility + 30-45 minutes of aerobic activity.

MF weekly sched

Here’s a screen print of the Mobility routine and Warm-up routine.



Those are just screen prints, so the links don’t work, but I have watched ALL of them. Still not sure if I’m doing everything correctly, but I think I will be working out with Chris in person this week and hopefully will get some reassurance.

I did the mobility+stretching+warm-up at home!


It seemed so strange since I NEVER work out at home. But it was my best chance to squeeze it into my busy day. After the warm-up, I headed to the pool for some cardio.


I had wanted to do 2500 yards today, but I got sidetracked by having to go to a lab and have blood drawn unexpectedly this morning. So I only had time to do 1600 yards in about 40 minutes. That was 400 IM X 4.

My final bit of exercise today was physical therapy.


I do want to include this in my “sweating” recap, because I definitely sweat a bunch there. Many of the exercises are focused on just my right IT band (like single leg hip dips, single leg presses, single leg calf raises, and foam rolling only on the IT band on that side). However, many of the exercises are full-body, like the 10 minute warm-up on the recumbent bike, walking lunges, “monster” walking, reverse crunches while holding an inverted bridge with a medicine ball under my feet, etc.). I sweat tons and it feels like a real workout. So 40 minutes of physical therapy and 20 minutes of icing.


The family evening walk got rained out, so that’s it for exercise today. I am proud of myself for fitting it in on a very busy day (lots of appointments!).


The “Lean Body Blueprint”, which is the program Chris and the nutritionist, Graeme, have created for ModelFit includes recommended meals, including a shopping list and recipes for everything.


You are supposed mix and match what you like during the week. Sample meal plan from the “Lean Body Blueprint”, first two weeks.

meal plan

This is a little different that what I posted yesterday, which was a sample week from later in the program. Like I said, I’m still figuring things out. This is a brand new program that Chris has created, and we are all figuring it out together. The example I posted yesterday included five “meals” a day. This new example is for the first two weeks of the program, and only includes four “meals” a day. Graeme has included recipes for all of the meals, however I dropped the ball and didn’t get the required shopping done. Plus, I haven’t had time to create the awesome sounding recipes really.

I hope I can post a link to the entire nutrition plan, because it includes so much great information. It really is a logical and reasonable “diet”. I’ll try to figure out how to link to the full document for a future post.

Going with the “flexible” theme of the diet, I have been trying to substitute semi-equivalent meals on my own.

One of the suggested breakfasts:


What I had:


Eggbeaters omelet with peppers and onions, reduced fat feta and reduced fat cheddar. Skim milk in my coffee. Approximate 300 calories. I think that’s a pretty close substitute.

One of the suggested lunches:


What I had:


Romaine salad with sweet mini peppers and grilled chicken, Garlic Gold red wine vinaigrette. Around 370 calories. Good substitution, I think.

None of the “meal 3”, or snack options…


were what I wanted later in the afternoon, so I substituted a Greek yogurt.


This was 120 calories, which is much less than the “meal 3” options on the plan, but I was eating this while making dinner for Mack, and all my meals got pushed back today due to all the appointments, so I did the best I could. I should have added some almonds and then I would have been good.

One suggestion for dinner, or “meal 4”:


What I had:


That is a “chicken burger” and steamed broccoli. Only about 200 calories total. So I’m way under there. I’m going to have to have a “meal 5”. My total so far is only around 1000 calories.

The “chicken burgers” are these:


Something Chad bought to try. Everybody really liked them. They are kind of expensive, but Mack said he liked them better than our usual turkey burgers.

Unauthorized “meal 5”:


I’m sure this is higher in carbs than Graeme would like, but the first three ingredients are almonds, dried fruit, and whole grain oats. Of course sugar comes next. Still, I’m eating it.


So that brings me close to 1200 calories for the day. It’s the best I could do today. I would like to make some of Graeme’s recipes and be more religious with the nutrition plan, but I don’t think that will happen until after I get back from vacation next week. No time to shop and make the recipes! But the whole program is 8 weeks long, so I do plan to make some of the recipes during that time and try to stick to the nutrition plan as best I can.

Whew, this was super long and detailed AGAIN. Don’t get used to it. I know I won’t be able to do this every day. And if you actually read all of this, here is your reward…terrible “before” pictures of me that I took today in my bathing suit before heading to the pool. Yikes.


Keeping it real. That body is not perfect, but I still love it.