Biking through the Sahara Wednesday

July 11, 2012 at 6:50 pm

This morning I took Mack to karate camp, then went by Target.


I wanted to get some of the ingredients for the recipes included in the ModelFit nutrition plan, as well as a few other things that I needed. Good finds at Target this morning…Dunkin’ on sale!


I finally found the Baker Mills’ Kodiak Cakes at Target. I have ordered them from Baker Mills’ online before, so I got an e-mail in June saying they would be in Target stores. It took our Target a while to get them. I love these mixes. You just add water and they are totally whole grain. So easy and the boys like them.


These were on clearance and they were calling to me, so I bought them:


Big Brother has been watching everything I do online obviously, because I got this coupon at check-out for a free $5 Target Gift Card if you buy a Yonanas machine. Anybody want this coupon? CC? I’ll mail it to anyone in the U.S.


I spent too much time meandering around Target, as usual. It was supposed to be a quick in and out, but no. By the time I got home it was 9:45 and I still hadn’t had breakfast and was starving.

I made the protein pancake recipe from the ModelFit nutrition plan. The plan includes a “recommended kitchen tools” list, which mentions a Magic Bullet. Luckily, I already have one (I’m a sucker for kitchen gadgets). I used it to ground up oatmeal into oat flour…


and also to mix up the pancake batter.


It worked great. Details will be in my “sweating and eating” post, assuming I get it done, but the pancake was good!


After breakfast I did some laundry (of course), then biked to the gym. Kids in camp = biking and swimming for me! It’s really hard to do those two things (for exercise) when I have the kids.


By the time I got to the gym it was 11:30.


I was getting a much later start than I had wanted, but I was still committed to getting in my workout.


My entire ModelFit “Lean Body Blueprint” workout took about an hour and forty minutes. I still think that’s pretty long, but this time I did every recommended rep and set (except for the foam rolling…still building up to being able to do all the recommended reps there), and I still think I am slow because I am still getting used to the routine. I definitely think I can get it down to an hour and a half. It is a tough workout.


Lots of sweat dripping everywhere.


No hip pain today! I know it is because of the cortisone shot yesterday, but it is still awesome. A day without hip pain is a good day.

Biking home from the gym was rough. I felt physically depleted and it was about a million degrees at 1:30 p.m. I drank tons of water while working out and during my bike ride, but it was still tough. I felt like I was biking through the Sahara. I was so glad to get home, drink about a gallon more water, and make lunch.

I made another ModelFit recipe…avocado tuna salad. It was HUGE and delicious.

20120711-IMG_6855(details will be on my “sweating and eating” post…eventually)

After eating lunch, working on this blog post, doing more laundry, and cleaning the kitchen (sort of), it was time to go pick Mack up from karate camp. First I ran to Publix in the pouring rain to grab a couple more things.


Old fashioned oats on sale!


Then I picked Mack up.


I had a surprise up my sleeve to further celebrate “only child week”.


Mack was psyched. He remembered 7-Eleven Day from previous years. It was pretty crowded around the Slurpee machine.


Sugar overload approaching.


Happy boy.


When we got home I got started on dinner. One of the things I had to get at Publix (because they didn’t have it at Target) was a spaghetti squash. I made another ModelFit recipe for spaghetti squash with meat sauce. (recipe in next post)


I made whole wheat penne for Mack. He’s not a fan of squash of any kind. The meat sauce was a pretty simple recipe, but it was good.

Chad just got home and we got our nightly call from Cal. He’s having a blast. He says he’s not homesick AT ALL. He is so ready to go to college.

The family evening walk is 50/50 at this point due to rain. I’m not going anyway. I’ve had enough exercise for the day. Plus, I need to write the other blog post that I keep mentioning annoyingly. I don’t see how three-post-a-day bloggers do it!

Tomorrow morning I have an abdominal ultrasound super early. I hope I can get to sleep tonight! Last night I had insomnia and it was after midnight before I fell asleep. I think I am having carb withdrawal. The first two weeks of this ModelFit nutrition plan remind me of the South Beach Diet initial period where you detox from carbs. I’ve had headaches (mild) the past two nights and I think it is from carb withdrawal. That’s what kept me up last night. This is day 3, so I’m hoping that I’m almost over it.