Ultrasound, PT, and Tampa Thursday

July 12, 2012 at 7:28 pm

I had an early morning appointment at the radiologist’s office for an abdominal ultrasound. 7:05 a.m.


This is all in an attempt to be given the okay by my doctor to have a cocktail while on my upcoming vacation. Making sure my liver is up to it. She also wanted to recheck my gall bladder. A couple of years ago I had an abdominal ultrasound that showed polyps in my gall bladder. I saw a gastroenterologist and a surgeon (and conferred with my Dad who is a general surgeon and is an expert on gallbladder disease) and everyone agreed it was no big deal. I’ve never had any abdominal discomfort ever. But, might as well check up on it while you’re in there. It’s interesting to know what is going on inside your body.


My ultrasound appointment was quick and I was home before 8. After breakfast I took Mack to karate camp…


and I went next door for my last physical therapy appointment.


I wore my Rock ‘n’ Roll St. Pete Half Marathon shirt to remind myself that I am a runner.


Physical therapy twice a week for four weeks. I did it.


See the “Pain Scale” near the bottom? Obviously my pain did not decrease throughout this process. The spikes were probably after the Prison Break Mud Run and after the Chevy Fit4Life Tour bootcamp. Both involved running, which I shouldn’t have been doing. I promised the orthopedist that I wouldn’t run AT ALL until mid-August, when I need to start my training plan for the Women’s Half Marathon in November, and Ragnar Relay Florida Keys in January. If I can’t start training then, I won’t be able to do the races.

All that being said, my pain level today was a “1”, meaning that it doesn’t really hurt at all. I can feel a slight twinge when I stretch just the right way, but it’s not really painful. Yay!

Last time icing after PT:


Actually, I’m going back there tomorrow, but not for physical therapy. The owner of the practice offered to let me come in and do a bootcamp with one of the PT techs. I have a hard time turning down some sort of new workout, so I’m planning on doing it if I can convince Mack to hang out with his iPod for an hour in the reception area. Bribery may be involved.

After physical therapy I went home for an hour and then headed to Tampa to work out with Trainer Chris at Peak Fitness Tampa.


Hello downtown Tampa.


My destination was the Bank of America building. In the photo above it is the tall building in the background on the left. Below, it is the building that appears to be the tallest, also background left.


It’s a big building.


Peak Fitness Tampa is located in the Plaza Fitness Center in the basement of the BOA building.



I’ll post details about the small group fitness class I did with Trainer Chris in my “sweating and eating” post later. Needless to say, it was epic.

After the workout I was starving and I really wanted to try something else at nearby Fresh.


I also ate lunch there last time that I worked out at Peak Fitness Tampa, as it’s just a block away. They have a HUGE menu of amazing-sounding salads and paninis (and a cereal bar and a dessert bar). Since it was about 1:30 by this point, the restaurant was not as crowded as it was last time closer to noon.


The last time I was at Fresh the guy in line in front of me said that the “carver” salad is awesome. I had my heart set on the salmon that day, though. Today, I was ready to try the “carver”.


And it was really good.


I also love the Boylan fountain sodas!


The “Diet CaneCola” is delicious.


It reminds me a little of Diet RC Cola. I am now having a fully caffeinated afternoon.

After lunch I ran by Target, because no day is complete without a trip to Target.


I had to pick up a prescription and return a dress I bought yesterday without trying it on. It didn’t fit. Darn you adolescent “Merona” sizing!

After Target I went home for a couple of hours and worked on laundry (duh), and both of my blog posts for today. Then I picked Mack up from karate and got him a couple of slices of pizza from Tour de Pizza. Since I wasn’t eating pizza and Chad didn’t care and Cal isn’t here, I didn’t want to get a whole pizza. Luckily, Tour de Pizza sells by the slice too!

I made myself a ModelFit dinner (see my upcoming “sweat+eat” post).

That’s it for today. Chad is playing pool tonight, Mack is exhausted from karate camp all week and will be sacking out early, and I plan to catch up on a bunch of things tonight to help get us ready for the weekend. Cya.