Jam-packed Friday the 13th

July 13, 2012 at 7:38 pm

This morning I dropped Mack off at my awesome friend “the other Caroline’s” house super early, then went to my physical therapist’s office for a bootcamp workout.


My last PT appointment was yesterday, and the owner offered to let me come in and have one of the PT techs take me through one of his bootcamps. Of course I was psyched.


I actually have a ton of pictures from this, as Anthony, the super nice PT tech, took a bunch. I will be writing a “sweat+eat” post about today, but I don’t know when I’ll get to it. I’ll include all the details about the bootcamp workout and many more pictures in that post.

Thanks Anthony!


Floyd, the owner of the practice, even gave me a couple of t-shirts! I think I’ll keep the one pictured below, and give away the other one on the blog. I need to take a picture of it first, but it has a cool graphic and doesn’t have a huge logo like this one.


Thanks Floyd! If I ever need more physical therapy, I will definitely go back to Baylife.

After the workout I picked Mack up from the other Caroline’s house (thank you so so so much CC!) and we zoomed home to pick up Chewie, then headed to the vet.


Chewie always gets super excited about going in the car.


He will run and jump in any open car door.


It never occurs to him that we might not be going somewhere awesome. I think he thinks that every car ride will end at the dog park.


Sorry Chewie. Not this time.


Isn’t this the saddest face you’ve ever seen?


He had to get his shots today because he was due and we are boarding him tomorrow. Of course the kennel requires current shot records. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute.


Chewie was a good boy and survived the ordeal. We took him home, then headed to Mack’s choice for his last day of “only child” wonderfulness. He chose bowling.




We bowled one game, then got him some lunch at the food court.



They have recently revamped Sunrise Lanes. They took out all the old crappy plastic tables and swivel chairs and replaced them with cushy sofas, coffee tables, and little upholstered stools.



I beat Mack at both our rounds of bowling…


but he kicked my butt at three games of air hockey in the arcade.


He’s an air hockey phenom!

After bowling we went by Publix to get a few things for us to take on vacation tomorrow.


Mack is seriously the best sport ever. My sweet potato.

When we got home I was starving, as usual, so I ate lunch and chilled for just a bit. Then I had to squeeze in another workout at home. This was Trainer Chris’ “Workout of the Week Challenge” for week one of the ModelFit Lean Body Blueprint. Details (and a video!) will be forthcoming. Afterwards I was finally done sweating for the day, so I showered and Mack and I headed south to pick up Cal from camp.



Cal seemed glad to see us and I was so glad to see him, even though he was a MESS!


That is a shirt he tie-dyed, and there is also dye all over his shorts. One of his ankles is covered with ant bites which they treated at camp, so he wore one tall sock to keep it covered. I’m not even going to comment on his hair. He obviously had a great week. Despite the fact that he has no voice (apparently he lost it after some sort of hog-calling competition), he didn’t stop talking about camp all the way home.


As soon as we got home I made him get in the shower while I made dinner. Now I’m doing laundry and I need to go pack! Super fun mini-vacation ahead!