Sweating and eating Friday, July 13

July 13, 2012 at 11:24 pm


Doing that workout with Trainer Chris yesterday threw me off plan, since yesterday was supposed to be cardio.

MF weekly sched

Then the owner of the physical therapy practice (Baylife) that I have been going to offered to let me come in for a bootcamp this morning with one of the PT techs. I was curious as to what they would do in the workout and I really wanted to do it. Yesterday Chris said, “Don’t do that bootcamp.”

I understand that this would now be basically three days of strength training in a row, and one of the key components of Chris’ whole plan is resting in between strength days for recovery. But. But. But I really wanted to do that workout! So, I did. Sorry, Chris. I’m off-plan, but it’s partially your fault for having that small-group class on Thursday. I just have a hard time saying no to opportunities if there is any way that I can take advantage of them.

I actually got up a little early this morning in order to have time to do the ModelFit Lean Body Blueprint mobility workout (but not the warm-up), before I went to Baylife for the bootcamp.


I did this in my “home gym” at like 6:30 this morning. I’m crazy.


Then I went to Baylife for the bootcamp. I warmed up for a few minutes on the recumbent bike, then did this:


The PT tech who took me through the bootcamp, Anthony, took a bunch of photos of me during the workout. He was a good sport.

Leg Press:



Dumbbell crawls:


The dumbbell crawl was the hardest part of the whole workout. You don’t lift your feet at all. You “walk” your hands with the dumbbells and drag your feet (on sliders) along behind you. This was so hard!

Medicine ball slams.



Jump squats:


Ring push-ups:


No pictures of “get-ups” because Anthony was holding my feet. No pictures of box squats either.

Ring pull-ups:



It’s amazing that I never bite through my lips with all these faces that I make when I work out.





I did five burpees in each corner of the gym and then did walking lunges to the next corner.

It was a hard workout, but I liked it. Thanks Floyd and Anthony!

Of course that wasn’t enough, so I also squeezed in a short workout this afternoon. First, I did the warm up from our ModelFit adaptation routine.


This was in my “home gym” again, with Mack watching and laughing. Actually, he said my squats were awesome.

After the warm up I did the Lean Body Blueprint “workout of the week”. I think this is going to be some sort of benchmark workout so that we can repeat it later and see improvement in our time. It was a 10 to 1 workout with three exercises…hand walks, step-ups, and donkey kicks. I actually videoed it (you definitely don’t want to watch the whole thing, but Mack makes a cameo around 5:20).

The end is cut off because my SD card was full, but I ended up doing it in 12:08. I’m sad that the end got cut off because Mack jumped in at the end and did some donkey kicks with me and it didn’t get recorded. Oh well. So that was it for sweating today, and it was more than enough I think.


The sample plan and suggested meal options:

meal plan


What I actually had…



Eggbeater omelet with some turkey sausage, onion, bell pepper, mushroom, and salsa.



This time I served it in a tomato.




Served with broccoli and some parmesan cheese.




That’s it! I have no idea of my total calories, but it was all good so I don’t care.

Mini-vacation starts tomorrow. We’ll see how well I can stick to the plan on vacation.