Back to the grind Wednesday

July 18, 2012 at 7:34 pm

Laundry, working out, eating. Same old. It is hard to come down off of a vacation high. But then reality hits you.


This morning I got laundry started and took the boys to swim team. This is basically their last week of swim team since we will be out of town for the last week and for the championship meet. I picked up their team pictures today.

20120718-swim team composite

20120718-swim team

While they were swimming I came home and had breakfast.


I actually wasn’t really hungry because I went off the deep end yesterday and ate everything I could get my hands on. Post-vacation de-stressing? Trying to hold on to vacation just a little longer? Self-sabotage?

Whatever, I made myself eat a low-carb, high-protein breakfast because to skip it would have definitely sabotaged me.

After I got the boys from swimming I asked Mack to help me take photos of this t-shirt that Floyd, the owner of Baylife Physical Therapy gave me.


He gave me two shirts, and I like them both but I have so many t-shirts! I thought I would give this one away if anyone out there wants it. This is the back of the shirt:


I really love that logo with the palm trees and the muscle arms. The front of the shirt has a small Baylife Logo on the corner of the chest:


It is a men’s size large (that’s the size I wear)…standard t-shirt. Anybody want it? Just leave a comment saying you would like the shirt (I’d also love to know if you have any history with physical therapy…did it help you?) and I’ll have Mack choose the winner out of a bowl in a few days. (By the way, I took a picture today because I am washing the shirt. It was in my car and sort of had a bunch of dog hair on it. Sorry. But I will ship it after washing it! Angelika, if you win it I will add dog hair back on to it for you.)

After swim team and t-shirt picture taking we went to the gym. I did the ModelFit Mobility (foam rolling + stretching) and warm up routines first.



Click here to see the entire ModelFit Adaptation Routine with active links to all the exercises.

After the warm up I did the workout routine. I posted my workout in the ModelFit forum earlier, and just copied and pasted it here:

Exercise Circuit One (three sets):
plank (feet on step): 45 seconds
side plank (top leg raised): 30 seconds each side
glute bridge: 60 seconds (need to watch video and go to next progression…single legs? How about a reverse plank?)

Exercise Circuit Two (three sets):
lat pull down: 60# x 12 reps
push ups: 1st set 12 on toes, 2nd set 8 on toes 4 on knees, 3rd set 6 on toes 6 on knees
split squat hold: 45 seconds each leg
moving bridge: 12 (need more difficult modification…single leg?)

Then I did the conditioning routine. I did a 10 to 1, doing shoulder taps and burpees. I did it in 9:20, which is more than three minutes faster than I did the exact same thing last week!

After my ModelFit workout, I did 20 minutes on the elliptical to kill the end of my allotted two hours in the child care.


After the gym the boys and I went to the kennel to pick up Chewie.


It was a very happy reunion.


After we got Chewie I ran into this awesome produce stand near the kennel…Graham’s Fresh Produce. (I didn’t realize my lens was fogged up when I stepped out of the car.)


My friend Ali had actually mentioned this produce place to me a while ago.


It was awesome! I was mainly there for lettuce and tomatoes…


but they had tons of gorgeous everything!



This store is a little out of the way for me, but I will definitely be back.

When we got home I made lunch for the boys and for myself…a sort of ModelFit taco salad.


I didn’t really follow this recipe:

taco salad

But I used taco meat leftover from Chad’s taco pizza last night, and it was made with ground turkey. I also used leftover fat free refried beans. I oven-roasted some tomato slices for the topping. I mixed some guacamole with light ranch dressing to make avocado ranch dressing. It was a yummy salad.

This afternoon I have just been blogging and doing laundry. We needed some down time. I have also been snacking. Stupid carbs. The crackers were calling my name. I should have had a yogurt but I didn’t. I made hot dogs and broccoli for the boys for dinner. I’m not sure what I’m going to have yet. Ack. Worrying about food is so boring.