Most boring Thursday ever

July 19, 2012 at 7:05 pm

This morning was the boys’ last swim team practice for the summer (since we’ll be gone next week). While they were at practice I had breakfast.

20120719-IMG_7135Savory oatmeal with cottage cheese, eggbeaters, and Frank’s hot sauce.

After swim team practice we made strawberry/pineapple Yonanas.


With a few chocolate chips thrown in for fun (big head tiny body).


When the boys had finished their snacks we went to the gym.

I did the ModelFit mobility (foam rolling + stretching) and warm-up routines first.



I’ve gotten these routines down to about 35 minutes. I’ve just about got them memorized so that I don’t have to resort to a cheat sheet to do them. (Click here to see the entire ModelFit “Lean Body Blueprint” beginner adaptation routine including active links to all the exercises.) This plan was just for the first two weeks and this is the second week. So just as I have this routine down, Trainer Chris is going to change it up, I’m sure. That’s part of the point of his “adaptation routine”. All of the exercises are progressive and have modifications to make them more difficult as you gain proficiency. Changing the circuits up with different exercises keeps your body from adapting and becoming more efficient, thus getting less out of your work out over time.

After the mobility and warm up routines, I did 45 minutes on the elliptical.


Once home I made lunch for the boys, took a shower, then made my lunch.

20120719-IMG_7139Cobb salad with turkey, feta, red bell pepper, egg, blue cheese dressing, and spicy guacamole.

I spent most of the afternoon doing laundry.


The boys had karate this afternoon and while they were there I went to Target.


When I picked the boys up from karate they had exciting news…they are both being asked to test for the next belt (purple for Mack, red for Cal).


After karate we went to get the weekly pizza from Tour de Pizza.


I’m not eating pizza. I’m going to defrost something from the freezer for myself. Not sure what yet…there are a few healthy options in there. My diet still hasn’t been that good today. I am still caving in to the snacking. Vacation zapped my willpower. Knowing that I am going on another vacation on Sunday is not helping my mental game. This is why I’m not thin, despite being pretty dedicated to regular exercise. The food!

Chad has pool league tonight. This was the most boring blog post ever, I think.