On vacation again

July 22, 2012 at 4:58 pm

Yesterday I pretty much did nothing except for laundry and packing. Well, I did go to the gym, so I guess that’s not true.

I did the ModelFit mobility and warm up routines (the whole workout plan can be found here: ModelFit Adaptation Routine). This is me doing pigeon pose during the stretching portion of the mobility routine:


Then I went to BodyFlow, but didn’t take a picture. I have really been missing my group fitness classes. I can tell that I am getting a great workout doing Trainer Chris’ program, but it is just me and my phone during the workout. It’s kind of lonely. I miss my BodyPump friends. BodyFlow was awesome, as always.

Other than working out, all I did yesterday was wash clothes and pack. Because we were out the door at 5:30 this morning to head to the St. Pete/Clearwater airport.


We had an early flight to Tennessee. Airport breakfast:


We didn’t have to wait too long before we boarded.





The flight was quick and Grandma Viv (my mom) met us at Tri-Cities airport. I was home again.


Hello Bristol. I was born and raised here until I left for college. Never heard of Bristol? Never heard of the Tennessee Ernie Ford Parkway?


Bristol Motor Speedway, formerly known as Bristol International Raceway?


Not a Nascar fan? Yeah, me neither. But I grew up with the races and could hear them from my house.

I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of my Mom greeting us at the airport, but suffice it to say that Mack literally ran into her arms. I was happy to see her too, but I couldn’t wait to get to my parents’ house to see my nephew Cody!


The boys were thrilled to see him as well. We hadn’t seen him since last summer, and now he is talking and is much more of a little boy rather than a baby. In Calcote forest:


My parents’ house is in the middle of the woods at the top of a steep hill. Typical Bristol.

Grandaddy Mack and little Mack:


We were only home for a few minutes before we headed out to the lake to have lunch with some old family friends. It was kind of a rainy, overcast morning.


Our friends have a gorgeous house at the top of the mountain overlooking South Holston Lake.



The view from their deck was amazing.




Cody and the boys are so happy to be together. They have already started to teach him inappropriate behavior and get him hooked on video games.







Our host, Joe R., and my dad (and their dachshund Mean Max, who wasn’t mean to me at all):


Joe’s wife Dana was my best friend when I was about 12 years old. They were our neighbors and I had known them my whole life. Her kids were a little younger than my sister Janet and me, and Janet was best friends with their oldest son who was a couple of years younger than her. I spent so many hours hanging out with Dana (who was an adult and I was a little kid). Now that I know how annoying Cal is, I can only imagine how annoying I was. Obviously Dana is the nicest person in the world. I am failing in my picture-taking role and did not get a photo of Dana today. Hopefully we will see them again later in the week.

In addition to being the nicest people in the world, Dana and Joe are also amazing hosts and we had a delicious lunch.


Dana and Joe’s youngest son, Dan, was also there with his wife and little boy William. William fit right in with our motley crew.


Janet, Cody, William, and Dan:


It was raining when we left, which made the harrowing drive even more harrowing. Vertical drops with no shoulder at all. Tons of switch-backs. I couldn’t get a decent picture of how treacherous this mountain climb and descent were. Glad I wasn’t driving.


Janet said I should take a picture of this little farm, because it is so typical of east Tennessee:


Yep, feels like home right now in my parent’s mountain chalet-style house. I’ll get some more pictures this week, including my Mom, I promise. We’re here until next weekend which is my 25th high school reunion! Yes, I am that old. Chad stayed home to work but will be joining us later in the week.

Well, I can hear fun being had in the other room so I better get in there. Cya.

p.s. Today was a scheduled total rest day. Worked out perfectly, but I am definitely going to try to keep working out while I’m here.